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Facebook and Bing teaming up to Enhance Search


Social networking giant Facebook has been on the run recently. First, it was the introduction of Facebook groups which give more liberty to the users and enable them to keep track of their groups and friends information. After that it was Facebook and Skype partnership that materialized new Skype services having Facebook integration.

So in the latest turn of events, Redmond based software giant Microsoft has teamed up with Facebook. Actually, it’s the Microsoft search engine Bing that’s having a partnership with Facebook. So news is that social networking hub Facebook and Bing are teaming up to bring more sociability to the online search realm.

Now Facebook users will be able to see the web sites and pages that their friends like to surf when they launch a specific web search while also logged onto the Social Networking site. Moreover, whenever Facebook users will search for their friends on Bing, people whom they have a common friend’s base will top the search results. This latest service is already available to almost two percent of the subscribers of Facebook in the U.S. alone. And, according to the blog post of Facebook, the service will roll out to all other parts of the world in the upcoming next few weeks. Facebook spokesperson Malorie told the press that this service is going to be available for all the worldwide users shortly.

Both the tech companies including Microsoft and Facebook have said in their press releases that they are going to safeguard the privacy of the users, because this has been a burning issue for users on Facebook, and the social networking platform has taken quite a lot of beating in this regard.

A senior vice president of software giant Microsoft’s online service division told the press that search is becoming more personalized and very much social at the level of the users, but the old traditional methods of search engines to best match a query still can be improved.

Satya Nadella, who is heading the Microsoft’s Online service division, further commented that adding a social layer to a fixed pattern search makes the process of connecting to any particular information and making decisions more personal, social and useful. By teaming up with social networking platform search engine Bing gets to use a new kind of signal that goes beyond the traditional keywords and keystrokes based matching.

Basically Bing is planning to include two new search engine features, firstly will be called as “Linked Results” which will show the users that what their friend on Facebook like when they scroll through Bing search engine.

The other notable feature is “Facebook Profile Search” that will narrow down the search results of the user by listing down mutual friends that the searcher shares on Facebook. According to Bing Executives, Paul and Todd, this will somehow revamp the way users filter their search results.

But according to some analysts and industry experts, Bing and Facebook teaming up may cause problem for the two. Carl Howe a director at the Yankee group wrote a blog post in which he said that it seems that Facebook and Bing are trying to tap into the personal data of the users in a very different kind of way that we have witnessed on the internet realm so far and there is a very clear danger of backlash from the users all over the place. Because, these search results do not only bring information about the friends but also sift thought the information like histories of friends of what they like and what they do not like at all.

So anticipating a backlash from the media and the users, Facebook and Bing have already said that they will at all cost protect user’s privacy in this new service.

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