Sony Ericsson cutting the relation with Symbian Operating System


Cell phone makers Sony Ericsson on Friday announced that they are officially withdrawing from Symbian OS, a move that will put the Sony Ericsson platform on the life support tab. As Sony Ericsson has cut the chord with Symbian mobile operating system, it signifies that the only main cellphone maker out there in the market left building phones for the Symbian platform is Nokia.

The Financial Times released a report today in which it said that some of the analysts have not yet sealed the Symbian casket yet. According to the analysts at the industry, Symbian could survive the market run if the cellphone giant Nokia make some definite and considerable changes in the system. But the Finns have a tough competition at hand as they have to bear the heat of opposition from Apple iOS and the search giant Google’s Android Operating System. Both of these tech giants are steadily gaining the market share. On the other hand, Microsoft is also ready to enter the fray with wings spread out because of its recently released mobile platform called as Windows Phone 7.

In its official announcement of cutting the chord with Symbian OS, Sony Ericsson said that it desired to concentrate on switching to making Google’s Android based smartphones and cellphones. Moreover, Sony Ericsson also wants to make handsets and phones for Microsoft Windows Phone 7. The Financial Times report also states that Sony is anticipating that the future of the mobile industry lies in these platforms that are definitely gonna overshadow the other platforms out there.

Symbian is still the most popular mobile operating system at present in the world but in the recent times the platform has been unable to stem considerable encroachment to its market status as compared to Google and Apple. One reason for Symbian for not evolving is that it has been unable to deliver a prototype that can be at par with the technological advance products that Google and Apple have released.

Symbian is a sort of an open source operating system but Nokia has always been detrimental in guiding the stance and market strategy of Symbian. With the departure of yet another cellphone maker, Sony Ericsson, this point has been registered that it’s time for Nokia to pull the plug on the Operating System as well.

Sony Ericsson abandonment of the Operating System Symbian is good news for Microsoft because now it’s evident that cellphone makers are making commitment to the WP7 platform alongwith Google’s Android platform.

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  1. hi! nice article. I would, however, like to point out that Nokia is in no sort of financial trouble. Its reserves are probably bigger than that of any other phone manufacturer out there.

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