Draw Directly on Your IPad With Penultimate – An Application Review


Draw Directly on Your IPad With Penultimate – An Application Review

Penultimate is a drawing/sketching, touch-based application for IPad which is very simple and easy to utilize. The application is a popular item in the online market at the moment, thanks to its very useful features. This can be of great help for those users who want to make quick notes, reminders, or scribbles like they are just writing on a blank piece of paper.

Upon installation, Penultimate application instantly provides instructions and tutorials all throughout the process which is definitely a plus point. It also possesses features which enable the users to experience taking down notes as if they are not writing on an IPad. First is the pen feature wherein the user can choose between a thin, medium or thick pen sizes. With these, the users can utilize a good stylus pen or a pogo stick for better texture and more emphasis on lines. Or they can just simply use their fingertips. What’s more amazing is that it has a wrist-protection component to make writing a lot easier. If the users wrote something unnecessary or they just want to delete something, they have three different options for that. First, they could erase a specific part of their work since the application provides an eraser tool that has a wide radius, making it easier and faster to delete unwanted writings. Second option is the redo/undo button which enables the users to cancel or bring back their last action. Lastly, the users can simply have the entire page cleared. To make the note-taking experience more realistic, the application provides three kinds of paper background. The users can choose between a graph design, a lined paper, and a plain simple one. The features does not end there since this application also allows the users to compile their work if the content of their entry cannot be accommodated in one page only or if they are planning to do a collection of write-ups. It lets users make virtual notebooks out of all the pages that they have compiled and then categorize and label them for easy access and reference. If the users want to view or transfer their entries to a desktop, the application allows them to send their notes to their email accounts and also export it into a PDF file.

The only downer or the thing which is lacking in this application which can possibly be added on the later versions would be the ability to import photos. It would surely be more interesting and fun to add and edit photos and take down notes at the same time. Another thing is that the pen tool has only one color, there is no variation. It would be much handier to have at least another two or three additional ink colours in the palette to make the user’s notes more personalized and much enjoyable to read. Also, the pen’s tip and writing diameter is limited to one size only.  Anyhow, this application definitely serves its purpose and can be bought for a justifiable price of $2.99

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