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The need to scan as we strive towards a paperless environment continues. The larger our businesses grow and the more filing that becomes required. Calls for the need to scan documents and store in soft copy format. It is not possible to print and file documents these days as space is becoming increasingly more expensive and needed for day to day activities. Document retrieval is also becoming necessary more and more often. The need to have documents available at a few clicks in the right storage files is of great benefit to a business.

I know your thinking how can this be done. Also how are we going to sit there and scan all day naming these files one by one?

Well the good side to it is you don’t need to anymore. With the automated system that can be created by the various software programs available, document control is becoming an easy few step process. Scanning a document required to be saved in a soft copy can now be automatically filed. We can set recognisation points on the page for the document to have a generated file name and be filed according to the information captured.

They way this works is fields are preset so that certain information is captured in certain locations and used to create a file name. Imagine having numerous files on a client all automatically filed under the clients own folder. How easy would it then be to retrieve the file as your customer requested it or you needed to review the information for whatever reason?

Filing has never been so easy; there are several programs which can be added to the system to work in with your existing document management system.  With the filing now becoming so easy you will notice the time saved in loading in documents and scanning them will create a large time saving for your business.

The effect will also have a great relief on the environment as you will see less of a need to print. Having documents readily available in soft copy means it has never been so easy to send them in an email rather than print and post. A huge advantage is to bring the file up on your computer screen and view without printing. Office printing is a major expense in business and it can drastically be reduced by document management. Also a cost saving in labor required to create soft copies through scanning documents.

Blake Hooper is a print consultant specialising in print solutions for all different business needs.

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