Blackberry Bold 9780


Blackberry Bold 9780

The Blackberry Bold 9780, also known as the Blackberry Onyx II, has been the dubbed the messaging king, for its high quality keyboard and leading messaging interface. This phone is the 3rd generation Blackberry Bold and is known for its colorful screen and long battery life. This product is probably Blackberry’s bestseller to date, even with the release of the Blackberry torch.

The design of the Bold has stayed consistent throughout each generation. The main difference in the 9780 and the other two generations is size. The screen size has remained the same, but the phone has decreased in size making it look more contemporary. The Bold comes in both white and black. The white version is unique because of the pearlescent finish. The finish makes the phone shiny and less likely to turn yellow after prolonged use. The black is highly common among the multiple Blackberry devices, but remains highly desired by customers.

The back of the Bold is covered with faux leather, making the back soft, but also easy to grip when calling or typing. It is nice to see the leather again on the 9780 because it demonstrates how Blackberry is trying to keep the classiness of the old generations as they make the phone more advanced. The left side of the phone contains voice command button. Also on the left are the microUSB port and a 3.5 mm head phone jack. On the right, are buttons that control the volume and a quick start button for the camera. The top of the phone houses the lock button. The same button also has the ability to pause music and mute calls.

The backlit keyboard of the Blackberry Bold 9780  is impeccable. Since the Bold does not have an on-screen keyboard, which tend to be more responsive, it is important for companies to make their QWERTY keyboards amazing. The Bold’s QWERTY keyboard has individually mounted keys that are easy to press and highly responsive.

The device is 109mm in height, 60 mm in width, and thicker than average at 14 mm. It weighs approximately 122 grams. Instead of having a touchscreen, the Bold is operated by a touch optical track. The Bold is known for its bright screen that has a resolution of 480 x 360.

It is equipped with Blackberry Operating System 6.0.x. In addition, the phone has a 624 MHz processor.

The Bold has a 5 megapixel camera. It has the capability to take a 2592 x 1944 pixel image. Some of the features included on the device are auto-focus and an LED flash. It is also equipped with features such as face detection, scene mode and 2X zoom.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 has an above average battery life compared to other phone’s produced by blackberry. Reviewers claimed that they could get 6 hours of consistent talk time with this device which is a little below average compared to the complete realm of smart phones. The beautiful thing about Blackberry’s is that there are so many things that you can alter (push functions, backlight, etc) that can increase the battery life of your Blackberry device.

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