Asus Laptop Under $500 Review: Asus K50IJ-RNC7 Review


Asus laptop under $500 review Asus K50IJ-RNC7 review

Asus has no doubt grown into a special laptop manufacturer for most people. They have no doubt giving the major laptop manufacturing companies a run for their money with their great laptop models. Their Eee series really had a lot of fans and so also has other of their laptop models. They are affordable and with great features too. Complains may be present because of their design and style but then it is the features not the design that does the job. Because of their great features coupled with its affordable prices, one can easily see why Asus is gradually becoming the people’s favourite laptop manufacturer. This is why it is not hard to discover why the average reviews rating of Asus laptops rest at 5.0/5.0 by most customers. This Asus K50IJ-RNC7 has also not disappointed and its features will only testify to all that has been written above about the wonderful features of Asus. All this is in no way trying to say you are going to love all Asus laptops because this is certainly not the case. And as a matter of fact there are some Asus laptops that can really give Asus a bad name. But this Asus K50IJ-RNC7 is certainly not one of them. While it may have a few letdowns, it is not doubt a very great laptop for its price. And truly because most of Asus laptops have more good features than cons, Asus can easily be considered as one of the best laptop manufacturing company. Below are some of the features of this Asus K50IJ-RNC7.

Major Specifications

  • Intel Pentium T45oo 2.30GHz
  • 4GB memory
  • 500GB Hard Drive


Seating comfortable with its average review rating of 5.0/5.0 and a cheap price of $459.99, this Asus K50IJ-RNC7 provides you more than you would expect from a laptop its price. It has a 15.6 inch display and it comes with the Windows 7 Home Premium. Two features that must be mentioned here are its memory and the space of its hard drive space. A 2GB memory is quite okay for a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium but the 4GB of this Asus K50IJ-RNC7 really adds an extra touch to its brilliance. Then you talk about its hard drive space of 500GB which is more than expected for a laptop under $500. All this features make this Asus K50IJ-RNC7 a very great buy.


After pouring a lot of praise for this Asus K50IJ-RNC7 one may wonder if there is any bad thing that can been seen with it. Well disappointedly there are. First its battery life averaging about 3 hours is not very encouraging and contrary to what one may think it is not lightening fast although its speed is okay. Considering it as a gaming laptop may be asking too much but then with its price one should not be disappointed that it may not the best for hard core gaming.

The conclusion is that when you consider other laptops with similar price you will choose this one a thousand times. Asus K50IJ-RNC7 is certainly worth it.

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