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0 App Lets You Save Money On BookSThis App was actually shown to me by my daughter who was still in college. It got me curious because its on her iPhone. is (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch) universal App, wherein your used books can be sold for cash and you yourself can find rentals, new books among other deals available here. Textbooks are just needed as long as you are completing a particular course and yet these days they are so outrageously expensive. So if you are in need of a book you can get it second hand for less or if you bought a new one you can sell it after you’re done with it.

Comparison Shopping is done for you by

Actually they do not directly sell the books. Comparison shopping will lead you to the best deals as it will simply be shown to you by the app. Big savings is a real possibility. It is so easy to use the app. You can just search for the author, title or ISBN. You can just tap the BUY or SELL button once you find an interesting book. The site offering the price of the book will be directed to you if you select the BUY button on the deal you find for the option to buy it right at that moment. If you wish to SELL your book you’ll see offers and sites from those interested to buy your book and the best term is presented for you to choose from. Those in the business of buying and selling books are extremely helped by this app as it is FREE. That’s right so there is no reason for you not to check out this site to find out that in shopping here you could save much money and to know how much your old books may be worth. For parents and students who buy books this App is a must have.

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