Lenovo IdeaPad V460 – A Notebook with Multiple Configurations Choices


Lenovo IdeaPad V460 – A Notebook with Multiple=

This new additional unit to Lenovo’s top quality list of laptops provides you plenty of choices of configuring your own PC to make it more personalized and to maximize its performance. Starting at a $699 market price, the IdeaPad was intended for small scale consumers who want flair and quality performance in their notebooks.

With its aluminum brushed gray lid, the 14 – inch screen and 4.9 pounds IdeaPad V460 is an eye catcher and sports a professional and classy design. Its LED backlit 1,366X768 resolutions produces vibrant and crisp colors and images.

The keyboard has average – sized keys with LED backlit, making it visible even when used in a dark lit room. There are touch responsive buttons found at the right lower portion of the board. However, there are some common commands that would require you to use the function key. The touch pad is large enough with two big mouse buttons that is easy to operate and highly responsive to light strokes.

A fingerprint sensor is seen at the lower right edge of the board. It enables you to log in to Windows with just a run of your finger on the sensor. A 1.3 megapixel Webcam captures tremendous and good quality images.

Lenovo also incorporates a good number of ports and connectors. The IdeaPad V460 has VGA/HDMI ports, LAN jack, a generous 3 USB ports, flash card reader and an ExpressCard/34 slot. For your wireless connections, an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and a choice of a Bluetooth switch are available. To make the IdeaPad more useful for entertainment, an 8X DVD burner is also included.

Now, here are the optional multiple configurations choices that you can make to feature into your IdeaPad V460. For a large storage, choose from a 250GB 5,400rpm hard drive to an extreme 640B 7,200rpm drive. For a more powerful unit, you can opt for any of the four Intel powered CPUs: Celeron, Core i3, Core i5 – 430M, or the Core i7 620M. You can even maximize your memory card up to 8GB of DDR3 1,066MHz.

If you are interested in playing 3D games or just watching graphically powered movies, then you choose between Nvidia’s GeForce 310M with 512 dedicated memory or GeForce 315M with 1GB memory graphics cards. You can play high definition videos and 3D powered games but make sure that an electrical outlet is close at hand since the battery can only last for as long as 3 hours.

Standard software applications are preinstalled into the system.  CyberLink’s OneKey Recovery 7.0 utility, Power2Go app to help you make CDs and DVDs, and the YouCam utility are packed in the IdeaPad V460’s system. The Lenovo Security Suite lets you personalize your password settings or provides you a way in to backup and recovery tools.

As per company policy, a 60 days free trial for Microsoft Office and a one year of limited warranty grants you 24/7 technical support.

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