The Gateway NV7915u – A Peek into its Performance


The Gateway NV7915u – A Peek into its Performance

When we say laptops, consumers nowadays are looking for a complete performance for such a unit. Obtusely they prefer to purchase the branded one, because of a good reputation from the other consumer. Now, with Gateway launching a new model of laptop called Gateway NV7915u, consumer will think twice whether they will choose the branded or the new unit that has almost the same excellent performance or much better performance to the other.

The Gateway NV7915u is a new model that comes out in the market today. With new models lining up in the stores, consumers will seriously consider on the machine’s performance and all.

Here are a few things to show at how the NV7915u performs:

  • Physical Appearance

–       The NV7915u comes in black, gray, red, and blue lid colors. It has a pattern that helps repel dust and scratches that the glossy plastic attracts.

  • Screen, touch pad, and Keyboard

–       Screen: it comes with a 17.3-inch wide screen with a native resolution of 1,600 x 900 for a better viewing (but not ideal for gamers).

–       Touch pad: the touch pad measures 4.2inches with highly responsive mouse buttons. You can use two fingers at once on the touch pad to carry out shortcuts.

–       Keyboard: full size keys and a numeric pad at the right. It has a finger swipe responsive key for multimedia and shifting (volume, mute, touch-pad on/off, and Wi-Fi on/off option).

The neatly positioned keys are quite responsive but feel spongy at times.

  • 2.13GHz Intel Core i3-330M processor and 4GB of DDR3 Memory

–       With 2.13GHz Intel Core i3-330M processor and 4GB of DDR3 Memory, it delivered a quality of excellent benchmark-test and performs like an expensive system.

  • Ports and Connectivity

–       It has common ports as what others posses. A five-format SD card reader, four USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA ports, headphone and microphone jacks, 8X dual-layer DVD drive, Ethernet and modem port.

The right side of NV7915u posses an optical drive and a small number of other features.

The left side of NV7915u features the locking jack and the other ports.

  • Battery-life

–       As the battery was tested playing a DVD movie, it performed impressively. It lasted for almost 3 hours. That is very strong for a laptop with a wide screen.

The Gateway NV7915u performance is the best suited for laptop lovers. Gateway builds a notebook that outwits any other PCs with similar features.

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