DIY Personal Media Center


DIY Personal Media Center

Are you dreaming of a media center that is all in one? Wake up as your dream is now a reality with your very own self built Media center, you can check weather, look at photos, watch movies or hear music with just your computer and a couple of programs. Wait you haven’t gotten all yet, the best is it can be controlled by an XBOX dvd remote control, so you can YES just sit back and enjoy everything. For FREE, all programs will cost you nothing.

You can play music, movies or dvd’s directly from your hard drive, these are just some of the features you will enjoy. Your pictures will be accessible if your computer is installed with a card reader. You will be able to watch online video streams, hear radio online, etc., as there are many plug-ins. If you love video games, from the media center your computer games can be run directly, or better yet you can load without needing a front end your emulator games. Whatever you think consider it done.

Literally your lcd, flat screen tv or projector can be connected to the computer, even your receiver, amplifier, or home theater in a very speedy process. Lets now look for what you will need to experience this, rather than just talking about it.

The things that you will need are the following:

1.  The main and the most important item is Your Computer.

2.  XBMC (Media Center Program). This one has lots and lots of Skins, with many plug-ins and is easy to set up although there are many out there.

3.  For your computer, XBOX DVD Remote Control With Drivers. To connect it through the USB port of your computer you will need to change it to the IR Receiver. It may be necessary to solder some. If you don’t have a control you can just buy online.

4.  Eventghost – To set it up some help are available here.

5.  K-lite codec pack needed to play mkv, mp4 among other formats. Only install this if you are experiencing playback problem of your media files.

Now you can just sit back with a bag of popcorn by your side as you are ready to play your favorite music, watch movies, check the weather and many more.


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