A Great Workout Application For iPad Is the iFitness HD


A Great Workout Application For iPad Is the iFitness HD

As long as I stick to a strict diet, I can usually keep the weight off. But I’ve been thinking that I need a little bit more to challenge me on my weight loss. There are a couple things I have access to like a pool, elliptical equipment and a bunch of weights that I can incorporate into a successful routine. Knowing how to use all of these things is a whole other story. The only easy part is setting the elliptical equipment on autopilot and gunning it. How do I know if that’s good enough? Many experts would probably tell me I’m dreaming. I would think that if there was an application out there specifically geared towards fitness, it would include an experts guidance on how to workout properly (pics included).  I would need a good amount of ideas to make my own routines as well as seeing how well I’m doing on my weight loss journey.

Everything I Want, iFitness HD Has

If I was looking for a fitness dictionary and personal trainer-in-one, the iFitness HD application has provided it! If you take a close peek at the application you’ll find a stunning amount of exercises to choose from. If you have your own workout ideas, you can incorporate those anyway you want to. One of the great innovations of this application are the videos showing how to properly execute workout moves. If you interested in making out workout diary based on your progression, it has the tools you can use to do it, like a way to email logs and look at the workout calendar to see where your at. If you need a body mass index calculator, that’s accessible from the iFitness HD app as well. You can swap the information from one iDevice to anther as well.  You can also keep track of your workout time with the timer that is included. The iFitness application is fully loaded! One thing that I would like to see changed on iFitness HD is to add some good audio for those of us who don’t like to workout all by our lonesome (our count our reps to ourselves). The application should almost second as a personal trainer.  One of the benefits of having the app on my iPad is how it’s almost just like watching TV. So, while I’m buffing up, I can stay tuned-in as well. It would also be nice if the application would work on portrait and landscape iPad views instead of just landscape. Regardless, this is one special application!

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  1. But this app is no longer available in the App Store. It is said because of some violations of the rule. Sad but I found another app and can say that it is also good – all-in fitness. It has practically the same functions and options but more exercises and video trainings.

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