7 Reasons to Consider Upgrading to a Smartphone


7 Reasons to Consider Upgrading to a Smartphone

If you’re a baby boomer, you may remember when a phone was ridiculously heavy, tethered to the wall with a short cord. It was black, with a rotary dial. When you picked it up to make a call, an operator would say “number, please”, and you would give her the 4-digit number of the person you were trying to call. Neighbors listened in on party lines, and there was no such thing as an area code. Fast forward a few years, and Ma Bell introduced the Princess phone in fashion colors. A touch-tone dial was next, then cordless. Cell phones gave us communication on the go. And smartphones give us the mobile Internet.


Telephones have always been about communication, and smartphones give us multiple means of communication on the go. Not only can we make voice calls, we can send text, video, pictures, and email. Smartphones are designed to integrate with out social networking sites so we can monitor multiple email accounts and stay up-to-date on friends, family, and colleagues.


The Internet is a great source of information, and the quick search feature on smartphones give us instant information on the go. Whether we’re looking for a good Mexican restaurant in an unfamiliar city or the location of construction delays on the road, the quick search feature on the smartphone delivers the information fast and easy.


As our lives become more complicated, we need tools to help us organize our work and our lives. Whether it’s a database of potential customers, a log of time or expenses, or an appointment calendar, there are hundreds of smartphone apps designed to help with organization and productivity.


There are smartphone apps designed to track personal finances, bills, and investments. One app combines your phone’s GPS with a database of ATM machines that don’t charge a fee for withdrawals. Get real-time stock quotes and place orders from your smartphone.


Travel apps can help you track airline info, make hotel reservations, change currency, and even translate the local language.


Educational apps are available for all ages in almost any subject.


Whatever your preference in entertainment, there’s a smartphone app for it. You can locate nearby movies and concerts. Download your favorite music or listen to Internet radio. Play action adventure games, traditional board games, or solve puzzles. You can watch TV or movies online. With built-in cameras, you can shoot still pictures or video. Follow your favorite sports or track your own training.

No matter how you spend your time, a smartphone can give you almost unlimited options.

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