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It has been the big question! Is the next generation the time for net books? Well, everyone is not so impressed by the phenomenon but surely some have hit the jackpot. In the league of new hp laptops, the pavilion dm1 sure offers enough computing power with slick graphics and better configuration to make one hell of a net book.


  • Brilliant graphics display.
  • Mainstream net book performance at premium price.
  • Good enough battery life.


  • Build looks plastic and cheap.
  • Comparatively thick and not-so-wow as an 11 inch laptop.

First take

The first thing to look forward in this is the AMDs new fusion platform. The $450 new hp laptop, pavilion dm1 comes across as a worthy model. The design is decent and the money doesn’t bundle too much. It meets the higher end world away from net books powered with atom but certainly doesn’t match up to the best ones like 11 inch Macbook air. The battery life is exceptional.

The AMD graphics provide a solid decent platform though not for serious gamers. Under a small budget, the 11 inch or so net books are generally plastic or aluminum brush-up but dm1 has a different approach. It believes in what goes under. It feels plastic and is a little clunky. The space has been well used even though the keyboard is a bit extended. It goes full left and right though large keys take a toll on it. The oversized click pad vows you but surely the inbuilt gestures aren’t too good.


The resolution of 1366*768 is very native. The glossy coating results in a bit of glare but the display is nicely bright, with similar viewing off axis. It has a thick bezel look. The speakers completely blow you off. They are phenomenal. Besides, it has stuck to its single audio port option. The mobile web options for this size may come handy. The new fusion platform in this league of new hp laptops portrays a blend of parallel processing, slid directx-11 graphics, single die, high speed bus and good processing rate. Budget seekers, LOOK OUT FOR THIS FUSION!

Also, the 1.6 GHz (what more do you expect) AMD E-350 processor allows more power in a small package. The point is it works better than low-end atoms but fails to reach Acer timeline x series or Macbook air. For techno-enthusiasts, here’s the disappointing information. Its counterpart Neo-x2 works is expensive but very efficient. You’ll get that in the Lenovo x100 model. The video options are similar with HDMI, VGA display ports. The audio segment has stereo speakers and a headphone jack. 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 SD card makes for enough data portability. Networking still has the basic stuff like mobile broadband and WI-FI but the expansion options are dismal. Again, no optical drive!

Bottom line

The hp pavilion dm1 is a bright, efficient and under-your-budget type of a net book. This new hp laptop makes use of all the basic stuff and looks a new generation net book. But if you want mobile computing and are ready to shell out a few more bucks, then this might just impress you enough!

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