6 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple Watch


Apple watch has a few more features than you think like muting notifications, using Siri or saving the battery life. Here are the things that you must bring to your knowledge after getting your hands on the Apple Watch.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple Watch

  1. Power Reserve Mode

If you think that the battery life of your Apple Watch is not so strong, then you should consider the power reserve mode. What this feature does is that it shuts down most of the functions. Through this, you can make the watch last 72 additional hours.

  1. Activate Siri

As Apple Watch does not have keyboard so Siri makes things much easier. You can activate Siri in two ways. First is by simply lifting up the wrist and say “Hey Siri” on watch face or Glances mode. You can also activate it by pressing digital crown.

  1. Setting the Alarm

Apple Watch’s alarm is a bit different from those of typical smartphones that try to wake you up with loud noises. It actually taps you on your wrist. This is perfect if you want to get up from a nap.

  1. Camera Remote and Viewfinder

It is the coolest feature of this watch. You can use your Apple watch as an additional viewfinder of your iPhone’s camera. This means that you can set the iPhone at some distance and monitor your scene through the Apple watch. You can even snap your photo. You iPhone need to be at least 33 feet closer in order to make this option work. The option works through Bluetooth.

  1. Screenshot

Did you know that you can even take a snapshot on your Apple Watch. You can achieve this by pressing digital crown and side button simultaneously. If you have ever taken snapshots on your iPhone, then the whole process will be familiar to you.

  1. Restart

Apple Watch has the most complicated functionality you have ever seen. This is the reason why you might encounter hanging or not-working of the device sometimes. At these times, the Apple watch becomes non-responsive and sluggish. So, this means that you need to reboot it properly.

Apple Watch is a little expensive as compared to some Android watches but gives you a range of features. When Apple Watch was launched people expected it to be perfect and this is what Apple Watch is near to.

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