What Has The Internet Done For You Lately?


We are all now so used to the internet that it is easy to forget what life was like without it. I think I can recall a time when I used to buy things in real life shops and look up paper maps to see where other places were but it might just be a trick my memory is playing on me.

I hate taking amazing things for granted so it seems like it might be a good moment to consider what the internet has done for me lately.

Got Me a Job
I am guessing that most people now find their jobs online. I got my first ever job by reading through about a hundred local newspapers and it just seems like such a quaint way of doing things now. All we need to do is go onto the internet and we can find thousands of jobs waiting for us. The only problem I can find with this is that it is sometimes too tempting to send off applications for jobs I don’t even understand anything about. Having said that, I can’t imagine going back to doing things the old fashioned way. In fact, looking for work on the internet is so much fun that I sometimes start hunting for a new job even when I don’t really want one.

Found Me Friends
I haven’t yet got into online dating. Well, my wife would probably get a bit upset to be honest. However, I have found that the internet is brilliant for making new friends from around the world. There are all sorts of forum sites and communities where you can find people with similar interests. I come from a fairly small town where I don’t meet many foreigners so it is great to be able to speak to some of them online and find out what their lives are like. I also enjoy looking up maps and videos of distant lands and imagining that I am really there. It is quite incredible to be able to look up the resort where I went to last to last summer and be able to locate the exact bench where I fell asleep and burned my face and arms. Luckily the picture wasn’t taken while I was slowly cooking there.

Taught Me a Language
I had always wanted to learn Spanish. I blame it on the influence of La Macarena but it seemed as though I was never going to learn what “dale a tu cuerpo alegría” meant.  I then discovered that I could learn the Spanish language on the internet. It turned out to be really easy to do once I got over the weird sensation of saying words which didn’t mean anything to me. I learned the basics fairly quickly and the only disappointment is that La Macarena seems to make even less sense in Spanish than it does in the English version. I am thinking of picking up a few Italian words and phrases next, as the waiter in my local Italian restaurant always seems to be poking fun at me when he uses words I don’t understand.

Made Me Money
I am sure that I am not the only person in the world who makes money online as well as having a “real” job. However, it feels deliciously good to do this. The first thing you need to do is set up a website but the work doesn’t end there. You also need to reach out to the people who could make you money by visiting the site. This means using the likes of search marketing services to make sure that your site is seen by as many relevant people as possible. I made the mistake of starting out trying to simply get my site well known through word of mouth. I soon realized that this was impossible and that is when I discovered the power of search marketing services. I now earn money from the site without spending too much time on it. This seems like an ideal way of working to me and it is no wonder that thousands of new sites are set up every single day. Of course, many of them will be failures if the owner doesn’t do any SEO work or look into those search marketing services I mentioned.

Won Me a Quiz
I hate to admit to cheating but I was in a pub quiz and none of us knew the answer to a vital question. I wouldn’t normally have considered resorting to underhand methods but I was genuinely intrigued by the question. After a quick trip to the bathroom with my phone in my pocket the answer miraculously came to me. We won the quiz by the narrowest of margins and I was left with a faint but lingering sense of shame.

If you want to let the internet make you money then you should be sure to investigate search marketing services.

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