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An application called Game Center was added to the iOS 4.1 that allows people to play games against either friends or randomly placed people. Although I am not a true gamer, someone who is will tell you it’s best when played with or against real humans. I can relax to a couple of games on occasion but like I said, I am not a true gamer. I have compiled 5 games that are compatible with the iPhone/iPad that are some of my favorites.

Labyrinth 2

The point of this game is to guide a metal ball through a maze of wooden walls without letting it fall down a hole. There are other obstacles and fun features about this game other than the holes that developers thought to add as well.

The app store offers this game for $4.99.

Flight Control

This game is addictive even for those who are not interested in aviation. The aircraft needs to be controlled to the ground from the air. It may sound easy at first glance, but it’s not. There are four differently colored aircrafts that get guided down to separate runways and two of them need to be landed at different speeds onto the runway. It’s only $0.99 and if my description hasn’t scared you away, it’s highly worth buying.

Real Racing

If you want to race against real people in a fast-paced and action packed setting, Real Racing is a great choice of games to choose from Game Center.

The game is available from the app store for only $4.99. If that sound good to some of you, then your good to go!

Enigmo/Enigmo 2

This game is supported by online gaming and was one of the first games I ever played on my iPhone. Little drops go into bottles using an assortment of tools. You may have to guide the droplets around things and through loops to open new level doors.

Both Enigmo and Enigmo 2 are $2.99  each and will give you hours of gaming pleasure.


Fieldrunner is a game where you have to protect a tower from enemies bent on destroying it. Although the price is a little steep for what you get at $2.99, it all depends on what types of games you enjoy playing and what you are looking for on Game Center.

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