5 Points Where a Guest Blogger Needs to Pay Attention


Blogging is a passion for some people and is a work for another. Blogger always try to improve their writings to get something better. The passionate bloggers used to try new things to make their post interesting and also to increase their online reputation. The quality of your posts will decide the level of your reputation, moreover, as you increase the number of your published posts, your online reputation as a blogger increases and more online readers come to know you. Beside all these points, there are some points where a blogger should pay more attention.

Following are those five points where a guest blogger needs to pay attention:

Choose an appropriate topic and a blog

The first and the foremost thing is to choose a blog for which you want to write a post. It is good to make a list of blogs where you want to get your posts published. Now one by one visit each blog, like, open a blog and see which post will be the correct selection for this blog. Select those topics which are not yet published on that blog. But the selected topic should be relevant to the categories of the blog. Similarly, choose the topics for other blogs too.

Do lot of Research on required topic

You already have selected the topics and the blogs where to submit the posts. Now for writing first post, do a lot of research work, read all the posts or material or present information of that topic. When you feel that you are full of required information and you can write an article on that topic, and then start writing.

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is the worst thing on writer’s part. Plagiarism is basically a copy of text from other’s published posts and adds it in your own post. This is actually stealing of text. So avoid plagiarism as it destroys your online reputation as a blogger. After writing the post, you can plagiarism check it by using special plagiarism checker online tools. Some of these online tools are free. So your post should be plagiarism free.

Proper Format of the post

Though content is described as the king in the blog posts, but properly formatted post make it more clear and easy readable. The look and the feel of the post should be good to keep it to go long way to read by the viewers. Proper formatted post attracts the readers to read some important points before putting it off. Make sure that you have provided the information in the post as:

  • Heading(s) and sub-heading(s).
  • Numbers and bullets
  • Related Image with accreditation  to its source
  • Hyperlinks
  • Author bio.

Be communicative with your readers

Guest post appears more interesting when it is more interactive with its readers. At the end of the post, write something interesting for your readers to keep your post continue with your readers. Ask your reader’s views and feedback about the post. Interact with them through comments.

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