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Facebook is a latest tool in advertiser’s hand for marketing. Not any business can ignore the facebook scope and among the general public, it has 800 million active users worldwide which are continuously growing.  Google dominates the online ad market, but Facebook has fastly catched it up and has a more direct links with potential customers considering it as a social network. Google has tried to challenge Facebook with Google plus but the fledgling social network lags far behind Social networking Goliath.

Now if decided on advertising space on-line or your business is based only on line, would need to maintain a separate budget for the campaign of Facebook and chart out a different strategy. Facebook is social media and by using this marketing can be more direct and is more of a two-way approach with the direct line to the public potential. Online advertising was based on traditional banner ads, search and content. Facebook goes beyond this and works on direct customer engagement and promote the brand and establish a social presence.

The first part of a Facebook campaign involves building a fan page that allows you to establish a presence on Facebook. The fan page is the canvas for your efforts in promoting the brand and strategy.

Once it’s been created Fan page, the next step is to build fan or I like. Now, this is not easy and fans accumulate gradually and you need to work on it diligently and regularly. Some steps that will help you to increase the fan base are mentioned here:

  1. Insert a Facebook like button or a Facebook fan box on your website. This will allow your web site visitors as Facebook page and use the search engine in captivity. If you are using Google ads to promote the activity, this traffic can also like your Facebook page through your website or your blog. Interlink your web site, Twitter, blog, and other social accounts with Facebook will be very beneficial. Facebook like button should be omnipresent and visible on your marketing campaign online.
  2. Send regular engaging content. Creating a Facebook fan page is not sufficient and you would need to post regularly engaging in page content in the form of messages or conversation. It is necessary to involve the fans and involve them with the brand. How to become more involved, they act as viral promoter of your business and bring more fans. They need to be converted into brand ambassadors. Create interactive applications for Facebook that engage the end user.
  3. Run the contest and give free gifts. This is a very interesting way to build your fan base. Contests can be run in sync with your website or as a combination of line/contests. The fans should get an incentive to like your page and promotes the brand as well.
  4. Interconnect with other Facebook pages will increase your fans.  If you are a newcomer in the market, try to catch up with other pages of same industry and similar pages, administrators fan to see if they can as your page. They built a fan base and if they recommend someone, bring in additional fans. Connect with peers in the industry and in the network.
  5. Facebook Ads will also be very helpful in marketing. You can also use Facebook ads to promote your business and fan page and the creation of the caliber. It can give the initial impetus.

The goal of Facebook marketing strategy is to convert your fans into brand ambassadors and the brand product will get viral promotion.

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