5 Great Free Apps For Nokia N8


5 Great Free Apps For Nokia N8

The success of Nokia N8 has encouraged many mobile applicationdevelopers to create apps especially for the device. So there are many great apps for N8 currently available, and the good thing is that quite a lot of them are free. The following five apps are a must-check because they will make your N8 a better device.

  • Nokia Battery Monitor

Arguably the best battery monitoring app for N8, Nokia Battery Monitor can be downloaded from the Nokia App Store. The app provides three types of information: info, statistics, and estimates. Each of these sections has its own tab, making it easily accessible. The estimates tab is particularly helpful because it accurately shows how long the battery is going to last on the current charge. What’s more, Nokia Battery Monitor can help you understand better how battery depletion occurs, so that you can learn to get the most out of the battery.


  • Battery Extender Life

One of the most used apps by Nokia users, Battery Extender Life can increase the battery life of your N8 by as much as 25 to 30%. It’s reported that well over 1 million Nokia smartphone users have this app installed on their device, so it cannot be anything but a great app. Battery Extender Life should be the first app that you install on your N8. Use it in tandem with Nokia Battery Monitor and you’ll be able to make your smartphone’s battery last much longer.

  • Opera Mobile

Considered by many Nokia mobile users as the best browser for their devices, Opera Mobile has two advantages over other mobile browsers: greater speed and increase accessibility. A notable feature is Opera Turbo, which lets you browse your favorite pages even faster. What’s more, Opera Mobile is well-optimized for touch screens, and so works ideally on N8’s. Grab the latest stable version and enhance your web browsing experience.

  • Snaptu

If you’re into social networking you’ll come to love Snaptu, a powerful app that brings the top social media websites and updates to you. With Snaptu you can stay up-to-date with the latest news from areas that interest you the most, get the latest weather reports, and even receive updates for your favorite mobile games. Snaptu provides an easier way to stay connected to Facebook and Twitter and keep in touch with your network of friends. Well built and accessible, Snaptu is one of the best N8 free applications for social networking.


  • HandyWi

Sometimes it takes up to a few minutes before you can establish Wi-Fi access on N8 and surf the Web or download updates. HandyWi helps you connect faster to Wi-Fi. All you have to do is install it on your device and follow the wizard to easily create a mobile hotspot. With HandyWi you can get a Wi-Fi connection in just a matter of seconds, so that you can access the Web faster. You’ll find HandyWi especially helpful if you use the Web often to find information about a specific topic – it will save you time.

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