3 Must Have iPad Apps For Photographers


These days photographers are getting iPads more and more. They are naturally used for showing off to prospective clients their photography. According to Scott Kelby, as a matter of fact at Photoshop World photographers showed up not with printed books but with iPads to have portfolios critiqued. Considering that the iPad is only out for just a short time it is pretty incredible. But the PERFECT app for portfolio presentation is yet to be found by myself. However, the iPad wielding photographers should know about this 3 other Apps:

Photoshop Express

Adobe's Photoshop Express-ipad
Adobe’s Photoshop Express is a basic image editor for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that is FREE. This basic editor besides being decent has one feature that is very unique, it shows images on your device that are actually not there and it allows you to access on Photoshop your online albums .Precious space on the built-in memory of your iPad is need not taken up as literally this is a great way to access to thousands of images .Of course you can directly upload the email images you received to your account on right from your iPad in the App or post them to Facebook or email them, and also by using the camera connection kit you can edit quickly those imported images.


Filterstorm has actually more editing power when you need and want it, while Photoshop Express is preferred for quick easy corrections. An iPad App that keeps getting better is the Filterstorm it contains a slew of features for editing. Mention of the following things will make this App as the one; Noise reduction, Color balance, Brush sizes, Curves, Text Tool, Clone Tool etc. You can also FTP and not only just send via email the finished images.

Easy Release

Easy Release-ipad
You are probably going to release Property forms and/or need to do Model as a photographer. Now there is no longer any need to carry paper forms because of the iPad and iPhone’s great apps. The best one so far that is native to the iPad is the Easy Release, after reviewing in the past a few great form apps released. You can put a custom contract text of your own with Easy Release. A property/model images can be right on inserted from the device and the owner of the property/model can of course sign right on the screen. Then you can email immediately to the owner of the property/model and to yourself as well the PDF signed release.


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the tips for photographers. Its amazing what you can do on this device. You mentioned wanting a presentation app. I have an app called 6S Slide Show in the app store that you may be interested in. Its a really simple image based presentation viewer. You can import images from your photos folder, through iTunes or through Dropbox and organize them in your presentation. The idea is that the app is always ready to do your presentation/pitch. It also supports vga video out.

    It is free for one presentation so you can try it out and there is an in app purchase if you decide its a useful tool. There’s more info at Thanks.

    Would really love to hear your feedback. Thanks.


  2. This makes me want an Ipad even more! Thanks for sharing.

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