Pocket PC 2003


Pocket PC 2003
This version of the Pocket PC is just an upgrade from the previous version more or less, what made the real difference are some minor changes. In the early 2000’s Microsoft no longer used the name Pocket PC, though its predecessors awaited this update. With Pocket PC 2003, Microsoft just provided little real changes very unlike their usual grand manner in marketing new releases. Pocket PC 2003 have in its software a Media Player 9.(1) installed, which the Pocket PC 2002 did not have, more or less the new version is the fix to the old one.

An automatic connection to WiFi networks is available and is better supported in this version which is its first improvement in a major way. Internet standards such as CSS, XHTML, Java Script 5.5, HTML 4.0, WTLS, IPv6, WAP 2.0 and a lot more are now available in Pocket PC while considerably speeding up internet explorer. The web browser is made compatible with the internet and intranets vast majority of websites. (1)

You can now save on download costs as the ability to record your own custom ring tone is allowed by the ring tones in the format of MIDI, WAV or Windows Media Player. It fully implements picture and text messaging. The Pocket PC 2003’s Media Player feature offers smoother playback and an even smaller file sizes replacing 8. This product maintains the best features of the 2002 version while using the rest of UI “skinnable” with the Today screen, which allows for color change in the different screens and the enhanced UI (user interface) is kept as well. At the top of each screen is a title bar which you can tap on the icon of speakerphone to mute or to change the volume. Your next appointment can be recorded as well, as the clock with time is shown with the icon for you to tap in the title bar and the battery status also. You can close by using the “X” button or the “OK” in whatever application except the Today screen. To synchronize with a desktop PC your e-mail subfolders it comes with ActiveSync and still e-mail. MSN Messenger is another message source.

Pocket PC’s name ultimately dies in favor of new names like Windows Mobile 6, which came out in 2007. Windows Mobile Professional is the name for devices with a touch screen and an integrated phone while Windows Mobile Classic are the phoneless devices. The Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 upgrade is no longer available in companies like Hewlett Packard.

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