Xperia Z3 Everything You Need To Know


Sony’s flagship smart phone, Xperia Z2 offers some stellar performance not to mention the camera experience. Will the Xperia Z3 be a step up or just some tweaks here and there? Read more to find out.

Xperia Z3 Body

Xperia Z3 Everything You Need To Know

All the Xperia Z series smart phones have one thing in common, glass, not just plain glass shatterproof, scratch proof glass as Sony mentions it. We can cope with that, but over time we see some scuffs here and there on the glass itself, not too shatterproof isn’t it. Well, the Xperia Z3 won’t be any different is this aspect. But the glass makes any Xperia look beautiful, so more reason to put glass on a smart phone. Underneath this glass we find a lot of things. The all metal body gives some pretty shine with a fancy color of the Xperia Z3. The glass also covers one more feature that we have recently seen implemented on the Galaxy S5, IP rating for water and dust proof capabilities. So, it doesn’t matter you’re going for a ride in the desert or dive in the pacific ocean, Xperia Z3 can stand up for some beating. But this time around, it is also rumoured that the Xperia Z3 will be shockproof and salt proof, a few more reasons to buy an Xperia Z3 if you are too careful about your phone.

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