Why You Should Buy a 0845 number


Whether it is about starting a new business, or running an established business, the 0845 number can change your business image significantly. The 0845 prefix numbers provide a firm base for competitive communication needs. Along with providing enhanced customer services, buying a 0845 number will positively change your marketing strategy as well.

Why You Should Buy 0845 number

How it works

When you buy 0845 number, you are given the choice to choose the extension where all your calls will be directed to. So that, when anyone dials your number, he is instantly connected to that routed number. The routed number can be a landline number or your mobile number. Once you have bought 0845 number, it will stick to you forever. Whenever you have to change your location you just have to inform to change your routed number.

Cost of using 0845 number

The cost and tariff usually depend on the service provider but most commonly calls from landline to 0845 numbers are charged as a local call within UK. However, calls from mobile numbers are relatively more expensive and again, the tariff depends on the service provider.

Benefits of using 0845 number

Among several benefits of using a 0845 number, here are a few;

  • Accessibility—the 0845 numbers give your business a national image and an easy and effective means of communication to the customers. This has a direct effect on the reputation and sales of your business; increase response rates to customers earn you a goodwill and hence more revenue.
  • Easy installation—there are no complex procedures or equipments, you can install the number conveniently.
  • Non-geographical number—0845 numbers are all non-geographical which means you don’t have to stay restricted to your office premises in order to stay connected to your stakeholders.
  • Transferable—once you have acquired a 0845 number, you will own it forever and if you change your location you just have to change the number routed to your 0845 number.
  • Call management services—you can attach your number to call management services such as call forwarding, auto-responder, call whisper and voicemail.
  • Cheap rates—along with being highly accessible, these numbers are also cheap to call giving you highly cost effective telephony solutions.
  • Improved image—with 0845 numbers, you can enhance and improve your professional image and gain easy goodwill.
  • Free incoming—owners of 0845 numbers are privileged to free incoming calls.
  • Additional options—call record, replay and holding calls to network until you can answer them are some of the additional options included.

How to get a 0845 number

Numerous companies are providing 0845 number and you can even choose a number of your choice; of course, you will have to pay extra money for this. In order to find good offers, you will have to surf the web, visit company websites providing these numbers and know about the additional features which are being offered along with the number.

Studies show that getting a 0845 number for a business does enhance its revenue and public image. Low rates and the unhindered accessibility make these numbers stands out.

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  1. You should visit Future Numbers were 0845 numbers are free to secure – even the really memorable ones! You just pay a monthly service charge. Or, you could try another company, Windsor Telecom, where you pay a small one off connection charge (dependent on how memorable the number is) and then just £14.99 per month.

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