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What you Need to Know About Managed IT Services


Management of company’s services and products that are directly associated with IT network, computers, software, hardware and its users is known as managed IT services . It is transfer of duties and responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining the IT infrastructure, which is usually carried out by the company’s in-house IT department. This provides sufficient time to companies to focus on the core areas of their business leading to consistent growth and increase in profits.

Actually, the score of managed IT services is wide and can even be service specific. Duties of service providers include server, device, and network monitoring which also includes physical monitoring of physical components of servers and computer systems. This is important because 24/7 vigil on hardware helps in preventing sudden breakdowns or outages. Companies providing IT managed services ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out in timely manner on strict schedule to prevent hardware failure. Malware, Anti–virus, and spam management are some of the services offered under the managed IT services.

Special attention to the management of IT infra is important because any failure can bring down the sophisticated IT process. Most of the companies providing these services offer 24 hour helpdesk that acts as a point of contact for all issues, requests, queries etc by the customers. This helpdesk can attend to all concerns about troubleshooting various network and IT infra problems with computers, peripherals, discussing the status of network and resolving all issues to the customer’s satisfaction.
Managed IT service providers can either manage your entire IT infra, or even a small section as per your requirements. They may also carry out data backup, recovery, security alerts, and more. The ultimate goal of these companies is to enable you to concentrate on the growth of your business instead of getting involved in the management of your IT infra.

With the passage of time, the IT world is also evolving and so do the various services offered by managed IT service providers. Network design plays an important role in the functioning and stability of any company’s IT infra, and is often designed according to customer’s long term needs. Managed IT services from Syntax also provide procurement assistance to their customers and guide them in choosing the best machines for the job. They help the companies in identifying the suppliers and can work out contracts with the vendors. Vendor management is also a part of their service where they manage relationship with vendors and review and negotiate rate with them for the benefit of their customers.

Not only big companies, but also small and medium companies need the technology and expertise provided by the managed IT services because this helps them in maintaining their profit margins. Any problem in a network even for few hours can bring down the company to its knees affecting its working and profitability resulting in loss of thousands of dollars.

With managed IT services , companies won’t have to worry on any count about the maintenance of their IT infrastructure as they can guarantee its uptime on 24/7 basis 365 days a year. There are many reputable companies that can offer IT managed services to give companies a decisive edge over their competition. Many of them are online where they list the services provided by them. So do your research and choose the best one for your needs.

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