Caving With Helmet Cameras


Potholing or caving as it’s known can be a wonderful way to see undiscovered parts of the earth – something many people don’t get the chance to do. It can also make a great form of exercise and is a fantastic extreme sport that places you in the close proximity of some amazing cave structures. However, as you may know it is dangerous and many different sorts of items are necessities. So, what should you bring to your pot holding trip?


Ensuring you have a sturdy potholing or caving helmet is a necessity when taking part in this sport. From the chance you may bump your head to the opportunity you may be hit by a falling rock, there are a number of dangers that are attributed to pot holing and can mean you need a hard hat. Adding Contour Helmet cameras can also mean you can relive the experience and see the world as it was when you were climbing through the caves. These Contour Helmet cameras can be simply attached to the helmet and really make for great viewing afterwards.

Head Lamp

Contour Helmet cameras are not the only thing to place on your head and a head lamp is a necessity to see around in these darker than dark places. If you thought you were in the darkness, you will have seen nothing until you set foot in a cave underground, where there is absolutely zero natural light. A head lamp allows you to free your hands and explore with plenty of light, just like the way Contour Helmet cameras allow you to film without the need for holding a camera.

Back Up

You should also have at least two back up lamps to help guide you around the cave as otherwise you may put yourself in danger. The more lights you have the better and they can really take you out of a sticky place should the battery go in your light.


Bring a number of extra sets of batteries, not just for your Contour Helmet cameras but also for your lights and back up lights – more importantly. These lights allow you the peace of mind to explore the environment and not have to worry about such issues.


Boots are preferable, especially with knobbly bottoms for grip. Tennis shoes or runners are a terrible idea. Good strong boots give you the grip and support you require when climbing and allow you to get a grip of the ground below with little or no worry.


Heavy but flexible clothing are a necessity in caves as they don’t tend to rip and also they keep you warm. The caves can be very damp and wet places and so having comfort and protection is required for you to take part in the activity safely. Make sure you also have grip covered gloves to ensure you and your hands are safe on any jagged ledges and you should be okay for caving.

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