Truss Displays: Dually Unique and Innovative


With its modern good looks and weight bearing capabilities, a truss display is both a unique and innovative way to build your tradeshow display. These systems offer growing businesses the ability to adapt their displays as their business needs change. Flexibility and visual appeal are two of the primary benefits of truss display systems, which offer a wide variety of customizable elements and add-ons for a completely unique display that will set you apart from the competition.

Truss Displays

As Unique as Your Business Is

Depending upon the type of business you are in, truss displays can be used in a variety of ways with very little hassle. Standard, off-the-shelf accessories are available that will allow you to custom design a unique display system for your business.

Heavy-duty truss systems will give you the ability to allow for display cases, shelves, or pegboards to display your products without worrying about the durability of the truss used. Steel and aluminum truss offers functional and superior weight-bearing capability over decorative truss systems while still providing a sleek and unique look.

Innovation That Gets Your Message Across

A tradeshow truss systems can offer various options for displaying your marketing message. You could choose to use the system as the framework for holding custom printed graphic panels made of fabric or lexan. Depending upon the system you choose for weight bearing purposes, you could opt to add LCD monitors to your display. Off-the-shelf accessories are available that will allow you to safely secure your equipment.

You could choose to use a design that will provide the features of a static panel display with the excitement of prepared presentations playing on your LCD monitors. This will help attract potential customers to your area and let them learn more about what you are offering from the get-go.

Innovative Designs

Your design options are limitless when it comes to creating just the right design for your company. Standard systems are available in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 20 x 20-foot configurations. You could also choose to configure a system that incorporates a dual story truss system for maximum visibility.

A basic system such as the 10 foot Eastridge Truss Exhibit provides you with three curved panels, an arc shaped header panel, and a three bulb lighting system. You will also be provided with two convenient shipping cases to store this display system and easy to read assembly instructions. From there you decide what you want to add on by way of graphics for the four panels and what accessories you will need for your display, such as shelves, counters, or flooring for example.

With the 20-foot Monterey Truss Exhibit, you can easily set up shop for the day at any tradeshow or event by customizing its flat display panels with shelves, pegboards, or other options to display your ways. With its ample amount of display panels, there is plenty of room to customize and present your marketing message to potential customers. Finish off the look with a seating area or counter where you can comfortably interact with visitors to your display.

The 20 x 20-foot truss exhibits allow you to design an area that can be used to enclose your event space for a more private atmosphere if desired. The Eureka and Chinatown Truss Exhibits allow for this option while remaining flexible in the arrangement of their display elements.

Grows with Your Business

One of the best features about a trust display is that as your business grows, your system can grow along with it. All systems can be expanded to include new elements to accommodate your growing needs.

If your company is just starting out, you could easily begin with a 10-foot system and continue adding additional parts without breaking the bank. The end result will be a truss exhibit that will allow you to display your goods or services in a truly unique and innovative manner that will get you noticed.

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