Samsung Nexus S


Samsung Nexus S

Involved in a superior functionality and a great user experience, Nexus has a great Super S AMOLED touch screen, which offers a premium visual experience. Contour 4-inch screen is curved design adds style and ergonomic feel when you face the user.

Driven by a 1 GHz processor Hummingbird, Nexus S produces rich 3D graphics, reduces time to upload and download media and HD-like multimedia content. In addition, Nexus features a gyro sensor S with a smooth, fluid gaming experience when the user is tilting the camera up or down, or pan the phone left or right. It also comes with 16 GB of internal memory.

Inspiring features

Nexus S features Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows users to obtain information on everyday objects such as stickers and posters that are equipped with NFC chips. It is also equipped with a rear facing camera and a 5 megapixel camera and a VGA front facing camera, and has a keyboard with the support of new and improved multi-touch, voice over Internet (VoIP / SIP support) and a new clean user interface.

Apps Access

This smartphone also includes powerful features popular Android phone as an access point Wi-Fi, a real multitasking system and access to Google mobile services like Google Search ™, Gmail ™, Google ™ Maps with navigation, voice Shares of Google Voice ™ and YouTube ™, and access to more than 100,000 applications and widgets to Android Market ™.

Nexus S is available on all major networks. Samsung Nexus S fully charged mobile phone, which is powered by a rechargeable 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. This provides up at about 6 hours of talk time and 428 hours of stand-in time.

The phone supports 512 MB of RAM and internal memory capacity 16 384 MB. Samsung Nexus agreement supports quad-band GSM and tri-band HSPA. Google Samsun Nexus S was also a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 support. The phone comes with GPS and runs on Android 2.3-OS. Address Book can contain multiple entry visas to the memory of every phone that contains the e-mail, address, company name, nickname, instant messaging handles, and other observations. Photography can be combined with individual contacts in your address book.

More importantly, the Nexus S includes text and multimedia messaging, e-mail synchronization, calculator, calendar synchronization, alarm clock and weather widgets and news. Phone can be synchronized with your computer and USB Mass Storage option. This particular Phones Free Gifts is a possibility to use USB tethering and makes the phone a Wi-Fi.

If you are out looking for a Smartphone, this baby is another gadget to consider. The Samsung Nexus S may have its own flaws but no mobile phone is perfect for a user. The satisfaction greatly depends on what feature the user can use that will meet his specific needs. There is no way that a business man would buy a Smartphone that doesn’t have Wi-Fi in it as these people need to be on the go and at the same time still connected to their business. No matter what the features are, it all still boils down if a specific feature can be used by the consumer.

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