The Best Gadgets To Keep You Connected On The Road


While traveling, you definitely want to stay connected, especially if you’re traveling on business. These top gadgets will help you make sure you can get online and stay online no matter where you go. From tablets to wireless routers to privacy protecting devices, these are the best of the best for making sure you stay connected on the road. Check out these top gadgets to make sure you’re completely prepared before your next big trip! You can click this link to visit iiNet & find out how to get your gadgets online.

The Best Gadgets To Keep You Connected On The Road

SharePort Mobile Companion

D-Link’s SharePort Mobile Companion is a compact mobile wireless router that allows you to turn any wireless or wired Internet connection into a convenient WiFi hotspot. It allows you to connect however many wireless devices you wish and functions like a regular router.

It even has a repeater mode that you can use to boost a weak signal. In addition, the mobile apps from SharePort also allow you to share files with your iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet and to charge your Android or iPhone smartphone.

SurfEasy Plug in Privacy

This device is very useful device for staying connected on the road. It allows you to keep your personal data safe when you go online using open WiFi networks, such as at Internet cafes or coffee shops. This device, which looks similar to an enlarged credit card, allows you the comfort of feeling safe when checking personal information online, such as your banking accounts.

It works as a USB key that launches a password-protected browser once you plug it into your computer. So, all sign-in information, websites and passwords are protected with the same level of encryption used by banks. In addition, it also hides your IP address from the websites you go on while using the device, so websites you go on can’t detect what country you’re browsing from.

Apple iPad

Apple’s iPad tablet is one of the best gadgets to stay connected while you’re traveling. It makes it a breeze to work on the road or simply enjoy games or movies while on the go. It has excellent performance while on the go, and offers incredible GPS apps, so you don’t have to invest in a standalone GPS.

It’s lightweight design and small size also makes it very convenient to carry with you wherever you go, and its excellent battery life allows you to get plenty of use out of it before you need to recharge your tablet.

Mobile Wireless Router

To stay connected while traveling, you’ll definitely want to invest in a mobile wireless router. Every cell phone provider offers one if you sign up for a data contract, so talk with your cellular provider about purchasing one. These gadgets allow you to connect five to ten WiFi devices and will last for six to ten hours on a charge, so you can get plenty of use out of them on long trips before having to recharge.

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