Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S6: Specs, Features, Price and Release


Over the next couple of years, we are likely to see an incredible change in the phone market. This comes even as Samsung plans to release a brand after a brand of its well known S series. Their road map to do this is well set, and we can only but hope that the consumer will receive what they have been promised.

Samsung will release the much awaited Galaxy S5 at the beginning of the year 2014- most likely in January. Galaxy S4 was a complete success, with the sales being more than what Samsung expected. Competitors such as Apple had a run for their money with their just released iPhone 4.Therefore; the consumers have a reason to anticipate more from S5 and the next Galaxy S6.

The most renowned brands are always subject to speculation and rumors before their release. Most futuristic people would rather focus on what they want to see, rather than what is already there in the market.

It is for the above reason that people have already started giving speculations on features of Galaxy S6. Some of the speculations may however need more investigation to confirm whether there is some sense of truth in them or not.

Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S6: Specs, Features, Price and Release

The suggestions and speculations for the features of Galaxy S6 are promising. These include:

  • One Week Long Battery

The users will be out for a treat with the release of Galaxy S6; being able to use this Smartphone for a long time without worrying about the battery. It will feature a 5000Mah battery, which will obviously be a total blast in the consumer market

 The desire to have a device that can be used for multitasking yet at the same have longer life batteries has been there for a long time. This prayer, which is shared both by the consumer and the environmentalists, will be answered when Samsung releases Galaxy S6.

  • 4k High Frame Rate Recording

This will be one of the features that will bring a revolution in the Smartphone industry, raising the standards as to what should be expected of a portable video.

  • 18 MP Rear Side Camera

The Korean tech giant, Samsung, has been very particular about the camera specs in their devices. We therefore expect that the trend will continue, and that the camera in Galaxy S6 will be more than perfect. There are some facts that are already known about the S6 camera such as the autofocus feature, the smart eye tracking and Omni vision sensors.

  • Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature the much anticipated wireless charging feature. Most of the devices releasing in 2014 from Samsung are being manufactured to feature a magnetic resonance technology, which allows you to charge your device from a long distance- the wireless charging. We therefore do not expect that Galaxy S6 will be an exceptional

  • Flexible Screen

Galaxy S6 will be the first among Samsung’s S series device to feature a flexible screen. This is the kind of screen that most consumers have hoped would be featured in the Smartphone devices, and it seems that the consumers do not have to wait any longer. The flexible screen makes it easy for the user to multitask.  It also gives with a stylish look to a device.

 People have also been speculating that some of the next Samsung S Series will be featuring curved screen designs. Could this be possible with Galaxy S6? Well, this may be way too much to expect from one phone. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of such.

The screen is also said to be bigger than what had been featured in other Samsung S series devices. This kind of screen will always be easier to use and come with the clarity that will thrill every consumer.   It is said that it will feature a 5.5 inches super AMOLED screen. Further, they will feature a touch screen with a water and dust proof features.

  • Super Processor

We know for a fact that Galaxy S6 will have a bigger and better processor than its predecessors. There are speculations that this processor will be more than the 64 octa core processor, which will also be featured in Galaxy S5.

  • The Memory

Samsung will release two variants with different internal memory capacities. One will have a 64 GB internal memory while the other will have higher capacity of 128 GB. Both of them will feature a 4 GB RAM.

Considering the number of applications that one gets with a Smartphone, a 4GB RAM will come in handy. Still, a device with this kind of memory will be very ideal for gamers.

  • Sensors

This device will feature what other competitors such as iPhone 5S have been working on –sensors like finger prints.  It will have all the protective measures to ensure hat the consumer will not be overly worried about who uses the Smartphone. You can be sure that you will have an absolute privacy with this device.

  • Metallic Body

The consumers have been demanding that Samsung releases a device with a metallic body, probably to shift from what they are already used to. Samsung may consider using an aluminum metal for the device.  Some people think that a plastic body looks vey cheap. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S6, this demand will be met.

  • Operating System

Just like so many of Samsungs devices, the operating system featured in S6 will be featuring an Android platform. There is a possibility of the device featuring a better version of Android such as the Android Milk Shake

There is a slim chance that Samsung could come with its own operating system at some point in the future. Is it possible for them to have developed and used their own operating system before the release of Galaxy S6? Well, it a matter of ‘wait and see’.

  • Light Weight

There is a possibility that Galaxy S6 will have less weight than that of other series, Galaxy S4 and S5. The consumers have been searching for portable devices, and there is a chance that Galaxy S6 will be manufactured with consideration of such facts. The Smartphone will also be slimmer that other Samsung series.

The speculation that Galaxy S6 will have a sleek design confirms that indeed this phone will be metallic. The plastic devices tend to be bulky and heavy, which is why Samsung may resolve to doing away with them for once and for all.

  • 5G Network

People love to have perfect network services while using their Smartphone devices. It is said that Samsung is working to include a 5G network in Galaxy S6. If this is true, there are chances that this device will stand out in the consumer market.

  • Other Specs

There is chance that specs such as gorilla glass, 4-7 MP secondary camera, Intel processors, and blink to click photographs will be featured in the Galaxy S6. It is also possible that some other specs will only come in as a surprise to the consumers after the release of the device.

Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S6: Specs, Features, Price and Release

A Humanitarian Approach and Not a Marketing Approach

Many companies are today considering releasing products that meet the demands of the consumers. The virtues of life such as kindness and love are put into consideration during the development of the products. This approach may also be seen in the development of the next Galaxy S6.

The marketing approach only leans on one direction, that of the manufacturer. The main drive is make sales by using any means necessary. However, in the humanitarian approach, the needs of the consumer comes first, and then those of the manufacturer. Samsung is said to have this in mind even as they make new releases in the next couple of years.

 Galaxy S6 Release Date

The launch of Galaxy S6 is highly dependent on the release of S5, and other devices such as the annually released phablet. Galaxy S4 was released at the beginning of the year 2013, in the month of April. Galaxy S5 is expected to be released one year later, March or April 2014. It is therefore only logic for the consumer to expect that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be releasing in the year 2015, between March and April.

The speculations about the release date are based on a status that everything will remain constant. However, we know that competition will never allow for a constant state to exist, at least not for too long. Other competitors such as LG and Sony may be releasing their devices with similar features at the end of the year 2014.It is therefore possible that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released even before 2015, probably in November 2014.

The Price

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be sold at a price not exceeding 850$. There are chances that this price could be lower than this, depending on the competitor’s price range. Still, if you purchase your phone far much later after its release, you will obviously end up paying less than other consumers. For instance, the Galaxy S4 has a very low price today as the vendors clear the stock- so that we can usher in Galaxy Note 5

The price that you end up paying for any Samsung device will also depend on where you buy your device from. When you buy a Smartphone from the network carrier, you will end up paying less. This is therefore one reason why people buy from the contracts.

It is important to note that the pre-orders will costs you a little more than you would pay in any other case. Further, some stores are smart enough to stock the Smartphone just at the point of the release. These stores will offer a great discount, which means that the consumer will end up paying less

Essentially, the price paid for the Galaxy S6 will depend on where and when you buy the device. This necessitates that the consumer is smart when buying this device. However, we must quickly point out that buying this device will be worthwhile- you will have value for your money.

Too Much To Expect From One Device?

Before the release of any device, there are so many projections, both on the consumer’s side and the manufacturers. There is a chance that the consumer will get all the specs given above for two reasons. Firstly, there is enough time for Samsung to do the needed research and development to the extent that they can feature everything that the consumers want to see in a Smartphone.

The second factor that makes it possible for Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature everything stated above is the pressure from the competitors. Samsung has more serious competitors who are willing to do anything to put it on its toes. As such, if Samsung fails to feature much of what other competitors will have on their Smartphone, it will be hard the Korean tech giant to keep leading.

There is also a possibility that there is too much ambition! Specs such a flexible and curved designs, sensors, and 18 mega pixels camera may look way too good to be true. There is therefore a chance that Samsung may end including some of the features and leaving some.

Samsung’s ambition to be leading in the Smartphone market and its capabilities can never be under-estimated. Through years of research, it is never so easy to predict what will be featured in the next Samsung galaxy series

The much awaited release of Samsung Galaxy S5 will be here in just a couple of months from now. The release of this device may help us to predict and know what to expect from Samsung Galaxy S6. The manufacturers may also find it easier to develop Galaxy S6 after observing how the predecessor will be received.

Galaxy S6 Is Causing More Excitement

People are excited the upcoming galaxy device, s5, especially after they saw the features of the 2013’s Galaxy S4. However, it is the Release of Galaxy S6 that is exciting the Smartphone lovers even more. The specifications will be out of this world, and will most probably usher us into a new world of Smartphone.

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