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Neuromarketing methodology is about figuring out the best ways to design advertisements in order to reach the part of the unconscious mind that responds to ads, brands and products—the part of the brain the makes buying decisions. The unconscious mind responds to ads in peculiar ways that people aren’t always aware of, but advertisers should be aware of these consumer behaviors so that they can convince people that they have what they want. Traditional advertising methods don’t strive to reach this part of the brain, however, because they aren’t based on neurological research. If you want to know what your target audience responds to and how they respond to it, you need to base your marketing plan on neuromarketing research and methodologies, with professional support.

Neuromarketing in a Nutshell

Researching consumer’s unconscious responses to things can tell marketers a lot about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Consumers react to things that designers, manufacturers and marketers can’t always predict—from the images that the products conjure up in their minds to the sounds that the boxes make when shaken to the color combinations and text size on the packaging. It is possible to predict some of these behaviors, however, by relying on neurologically-based marketing research. This type of research is based on the brain and all its parts and on how these parts of the brain are triggered by marketing and branding.

Advertisements for products and services should trigger as many senses as possible, but the sensations must always remain connected with the products or services and in a positive way. Without the continuous correlation between those sensations and the product or service that you want the consumer to buy, there is no point to the marketing. This is why it’s so important to have emotion in any marketing pitch. This is what makes people remember things—the emotion they felt at the time is what they remember most, and it is what influences people to buy.

How to Utilize Neuroscience in Your Marketing Efforts

It’s safe to say that most businesses don’t have neurological researchers on their staff and that most marketing professionals aren’t neurological experts either. This is why there are professional firms, such as SalesBrain, that specialize in neuromarketing coaching services to take your sales messages to a new level. This firm in particular has utilized a great deal of recent neuroscience studies to enhance the sales efforts of its clients with the tools to trigger positive senses in the brains of their customers. Sales coaching companies like SalesBrain can improve marketing processes by modifying the message to reach customers at an emotional level, training the team to be as effective as possible and enhancing marketing performance at all levels.

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