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The Most Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid


This article is basically on the common web design mistakes which we avoid or forget to correct. There is a long list of mistakes during the development of web page. The common web design mistakes which we should avoid are as follow with their solution.


  • A common mistake which generally we do is the blending of advertisement with web contents. By this act user become fading and think they are actually clicking on the contents of the website, although for a short run it increases your clicks but for a long term it is very unfair way.
  • Another common web designing mistake you should avoid is the placement of music player. In some website a music player is opened, it is very unwanted act because if users want to hear music he or she can open his own music player. But if you are hosting a music site then you can place or permit the music player. In case other then music sites it simply annoys the visitors.
  • It is another common web design mistake which should avoid strongly that the window opens in new link. Try to allow the user to choose its own choice either he or she wants to open in new link or in same link. Also allow the back button to come back to the same link.
  • Content clearance or understanding of content web designing mistake should avoid as well. Try to set up your web design in such way which allows the user to easily understand the inner contents of the web. If a user or visitor fails to identify or figure out which type of content you are presenting then surely they will leave. To avoid such mistake try to use heading clear cut message or title tags to clear the meaning.
  • Arrangement and format of content mistake is another web design mistake you should avoid also. The internet writing is different because you are not writing a book so proper use of bullets, headers, and point or sub header break the content and make your data more presentable.
  • Use of tiny font size is another web design mistake which should avoided as well. It is recommended to ensure that your web content should be readable to all type of visitors. Some aged visitor obviously feel difficulties to read small fonts therefore should be not in smaller fonts.
  • It very common and mostly seen in many website that the themes or colors are not much consistent through out the site and changes in midway. Therefore we should avoid adopting this pattern.
  • In web content another type of web design mistake which should also avoid is that don’t put the contents or text into the images. It makes all the things messed up.
  • The bright colors and harsh color usage is another big mistake which makes your web design very ugly. To solve this problem the black color on white background is the most simpler and acceptable choice.

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