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Website Customizations: Get Inspiration from the Top Web Designs


Every website speaks to its visitors and the web typography is the language that communicates the ideas. A designer can broadcast his message to the masses with the help of the design. A well-developed website will give the potential clients and the inspired readers a good feeling of the website.

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, then you must look at the top web designs and get the ideas from them to continue to evolve as a designer.  Just by knowing the styles of their websites and understanding the overall designing processes, you can generate a masterpiece of your own.

Top Most Inspirational Website Designs:

Check out a number of inspirational concepts below, which are available online, and apply best web design to your own website.

  • Media Queries Website:

Media Queries is a documented website, which is available for the readers. The style sheets available at the forefront of the website are well tailored for different media types. The web design of this web portal is an outstanding source of inspiration for those who need to create responsive web designs.

  • The Favorite Website Awards

Favorite Website Awards, or FWA, is among the most visited website award program, which has been recognized by the industry. The website has been around since the year 2000 and has received multiple hits since that time. It is a big inspiration for mobile web designers and developers in particular.

A number of features on the website attract global audience including web enthusiasts, web news editors, flash masters, and graphic designers, among others to get muse.

  • Design Shack:

It is a showcase website, which has inspired many web designers. From logos, resources and tutorials to a simplified user interface, the Design Shack web gallery will provide you with the specified knowledge of fantastic designing to get you back on track.

  • Dribbble:

As unique as its name, this website is a show and tell for the website designers. People upload shots of their screens to share with others. It functions like twitter, except instead of tweets, the users share their screenshots of designs and applications.

  • Abduzeedo:

Abduzeedo is an open channel for the designer community that requires inspiration. It is a blog site providing web designing, illustrator, Photoshop, Pixelmator, and other software tutorials. You can also get the biggest designing stories here.

  • Build Internet:

It is a website, which centers on information relating to web development, design, and business. It is an all in all nugget for designing insight and practical developmental techniques. In addition, the jQuery plugins are free for public use.

  • Think Vitamin:

It is another great gift for the designers, which promotes the concepts of designing.

  • Web Designer Notebook:

Yet another web designer’s blog, this website offers front-end development techniques and is a member of the Smashing Network.

  • Best Web Gallery:

Another great inspirational site, Best Web Gallery displays additional styles of designs on other websites.

  • Theme Forest:

It is a theme site, which offers great inspirational design sites to the visitors


Visit all the above-mentioned most famed websites to get unique ideas. With motivational designing tips and tutorials, you can find what you need to know about creative designing for your website.

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