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Keeping active is crucial to having a healthier lifestyle. With the vast amount of activities available to become involved with, there is no excuse for not keeping on top of your fitness level. Improving your health can help with medical conditions, if you live better so will your body. It has been seen that a more active lifestyle can help prevent medical conditions such as Alopecia hair loss as you become stress free.

Mobile technology has given us some of the best apps to download and this will get you on your track to living a more active life. So what are some of the best health and fitness apps on the market, here is a list of the top 3 highly recommended and award winning iPhone apps.

WalkJogRun Running

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For all you runners out there, here is an iPhone app that will find you any route you require to run on. With over 1 million routes stored in this apps database you are sure not to get lost in it. Run Forest Run, plotting your route in any city you can track all runs on the mobile GPS tracker, in addition you can also use this app for training. The training plans on this app are detailed, with 23 training plans you can go from beginners to advanced level, from walking to a 10k+ mile. It is an interactive app, whereby you can visually see your goals and this helps to motivate you on your way to staying healthy. Unlike most apps where you need to set up an account, WalkJogRunning allows you to get started straight away, no account required. This is the perfect route map for joggers, runners and even cyclists; at £2.99 this app will have you running marathons in no time.


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With cutting edge technology here comes an app that will transform your iPhone into a touch free heart monitor. This app is an award winning app and we can see why, for as little as 0.60p you can invest a technological device that measures your pulse to determine your health and fitness level. There is little to be done with this app, simply by holding the camera in front of your face it will accurately check over time how your fitness levels are changing. Through heart rate analysis, it will analyse of how the vessels in your face is changing with increased activity and less activity, monitoring the change. Obviously an app is not a medical diagnosis so if you do encounter medical problems do not rely on an app but do use such an app to keep track of your health, always worth the investment.

Fitness Buddy

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Fitness Buddy is a great cool app, a popular app that has been recommended by ESPN! If you think what type of exercise should I do today and how then get this app, with over 1700 exercises and videos you are spoilt for choice. You will have the choice of unique excercises on this app, tailored towards every part of the body. Want to work on the lower back, chest, abs, arms or shoulders today then you got it pick that exercise. The app has a large range of photo visuals and animations of the excercises so it is easy to follow. The good thing with this app is you customise your own exercise and add this on; it is a great way to build your own routine and follow. Not only does it have the great features we have mentioned but it has the ability to track body metrics, so with graphs in place you can see your self development and if you are not happy you can then can schedule on the calendar on your phone another session. Download now for only 0.69p!

About the author: Jeanna H survived Alopecia Areata and knows choosing a healthier lifestyle helped. For more information on how fitness can improve hair growth check out the latest news on Alopecia hair loss treatments.

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