FX600 Laptop from MSI: User Friendly, within Your Budget


FX600 Laptop from MSI: User friendly, within your budget

If you do not want unnecessary flash lights but concerned with only great horsepower then FX600 from MSI would be a great choice. You can carry on all your work comfortably and also play in this system priced for $899 which has excellent performance and options.

The laptop is striking black in colour and has fingerprint resistant coating on it. Truly it is good looking and designed in aesthetic sense. Weighing just over 5 pounds it is easy and convenient to carry around for work or leisure activity.

Equipped with a large 15 inches screen, number pad and average sized keyboard this laptop gives enough space for keeping your hand. But its buttons are somewhat squashy and gives a feeling of inconsistency. Underneath the keyboard a touch pad is found with multi-touch ability with a single button. We can give first rank for FX600’s multi touch pad owing to its features. The laptop also contains an on/off switch to reduce the unwanted cursor movements while typing faster.

The volume control button is over the keyboard along with other keys to connect internet, to launch media player, to boost the power and more. Total of six THX Pro speakers are found in this FX600 which delivers great output of sound. The speaker set up is outstanding of all the laptops in review. It gives real pleasure to enjoy music, game and movies from its speakers.

The LCD screen poses glossy surface with medium resolution and with great viewing angles from any side and superb sharpness. The daily activities can be done comfortably on this screen and is really impressive to watch movie or play game on it. The laptop also contains an in-built web camera above the LCD screen which can take 30 shots in one second.

On concentrating at its corners, the FX600 contains wide range of ports and indicators. The left corner has lock slot, 2 USB port for external connection, a microphone and headphone. The left corner of this device contains an optical drive, an USB port, and a LAN jack. The front portion also has 4 formatted card reader for supporting multi media, SD card, and memory stick. All the connecting sockets are flexible and resourceful for users. It is also equipped with most powerful hardware inside.

The CPU unit performed more than our expectations. The speed was found well above average on testing with Lenovo model laptop. Having GPU unit the laptop could perform well in gaming mechanism involving 3D games and videos and this is also useful for producing more horsepower when required.

The FX600 from MSI has only average battery life which could make the machine work for two and half hours. It has the operating system of Windows 7 HP and the unit comes with warranty of one year.

To conclude, FX600 has all the components you are looking for in a laptop and is available within your reach.

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