The H30 HD Compact Camcorder


The H30 HD Compact=

Small Review:

Depending on if you want something to use specifically for your families personal use or something more than just a compact camcorder, may be the determining factor on whether or not  this is something for you or not. This is a top-notch camera no matter how you look at it.

Add On’s:

  • Films at 1080p
  • An optical zoom capability f of 5X’s
  • ScanDisk area available for storage
  • An LCD Touchscreen
  • Retailed at about $250 USD or $180 elsewhere

The Upside:

  • Has a much lighter weight that its competition
  • There are numerous functions and modes to choose from
  • The pictures look better than other small cameras

The Downside:

  • 1080p really isn’t that great
  • Getting around the main menu is a pain
  • All focusing is done automatically

The Main Squeeze:

Some people believe that regular family camcorders, such as the H30 are quickly going out of style and it doesn’t matter how small the camcorder is in the end, the ones that have great picture and fit in your pocket will always come out on top. If you are still an old camcorder enthusiast, you probably would be the perfect consumer for the H30.

If you were to put a can of soda up to the camera, the camera would actually be just a smidge smaller. One of the nice things about it is its weight. It really is one of the lightest camcorders that I have ever come across. Since this is a more simplistic design for a camcorder, there aren’t too many pieces that can be easily detached or destroyed. Even more simplistic is the lack of buttons you’ll have as controlling factors on the device. You have your pick of some very generic buttons. It’s a camcorder that many people will find very easy to use.

One of the features of the H30 is its versatile LCD touchscreen. Your choice of modes will include high resolutions starting from 1080p all the way down to 720p with both WVGA and VGA’s. It also has macro, motion detecting, slow motion and a time lapse mode that are all quite unique to the H30.

Some of the special modes can actually make the picture less desirable, so just be aware of that when you tap into them. They can also drain the H30 of its power (time lapse mode).

This camcorder was made for taking videos and nothing else. Well, it takes pictures but as a rule, the pictures that you can take with it are nothing special. Camcorders aren’t digital camera replacements and the H30 is no exception.

Although the touchscreen function is nice to have, it’s not the best for big-fingered people. It does work though, and it works well enough for most people.

Depending on whether the screen has good auto focus or not will really depend on whether or not you get a nice smooth motion in your video and resolution quality as well. It’s not bad picture for a 3-inch screen.

Other small cameras don’t include zooms, so it’s one of the benefits of having a real camcorder as opposed to a pocket camcorder.

When you get into a camcorder that uses 1080p resolution, you have to know that the video picture isn’t going to be all that it can be. Even so, it’s a popular resolution for any camcorder and many people look for it in their choices. You will more than likely end up with some picture that is less than stellar quality. It’s not the same quality that you would get from a higher end device. In comparison to pocket camcorders, this one has a bigger advantage.  It’s going to be a better bet no matter what you decide.

What I Conclude:

For those few people looking for a camcorder with satisfactory picture, the H30 is the way to go. You’ll be getting more out of your $180 than if you got a pocket camcorder as well. You go a little up or down in price and find others much like it in price. This is more of a part of American tradition than anything else.

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