Velocity Micro Vector Holiday Edition (Over locked Intel Core i5 760)


If anyone of you is looking for a speedy and economical computer, the Velocity Micro Vector holiday Edition is the right option for you. With a Blu-ray drive, a well-built package and a high achieving speed, this system offers the best deal ever found in typical PCs.


With a price of $999, the Velocity Micro’s Vector Holiday Edition is one of the greatest deals that provides excellent daily performance with an overclocked and established CPU, a proficient 3D gaming capability through the Nvidia card and a Blu-ray drive.

Design and Features

The cases of the Velocity Micro are clean and durable with an overall structure that is high and clean, and orderly interior with properly sorted and wrapped cables. However, the case design does not have a front panel hard-drive access but this lack of the front side hard-drive can easily be foregone because of the good price that it is offering. The Velocity Micro Vector has the Core i5 760 CPU through the overclocking option.

The Velocity Micro Vector has a 1 TB sized hard drive, a Blu-ray drive, wireless networking and an efficient 3D graphics card which is all same as the Gateway. The Velocity Micro also provides support to ATI’s Crossfire multiple graphics card standard through its Asus P7P55D-E motherboard. When tested on several application performance tests, the Vector Micro showed to be better than the Acer Predator, which is in the same price range.

The Velocity Micro did not perform well on the Cinebench test; it is because the other PCs have pure multithreaded capabilities as they have the Core i7 processor in them. The others feature eight native and additional processing threads altogether through the Intel Hyper Threading technology while the Velocity Micro features the non-threaded Core i5. This distinct feature in the other PCs makes them capable of functions such as better video rendering.

The Velocity Micro system needs no warnings for gaming. When tested on the gaming performance tests, the Velocity Micro outdid the Gateway and Acer system. The Velocity Micro system showed 91 frames per second on the 1,920 x 1,080 resolution Far Cry 2 test. However, a little sluggishness that is while playing a 3D and high resolution game which can be dealt by adding another GeForce GTX460 card in the system.

Velocity Micro says that even after the Holiday Edition if the demand of this system configuration is high, they may extend it to their winter edition as well. The Velocity Micro Vector Holiday Edition not only offers a second graphics card but also offers various numbers of other built-in expansion likelihoods. Other features are: 4 GB RAM with two 2 GB memory sticks and space for two more of them. Also you will find two 1 x PCI express card slots with two standard PCI slots; with one having a wireless networking card in it. These features and design of the Velocity Micro Vector Holiday Edition make it rich in its features and comfortably expandable.

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