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Android platform is indeed taking off and is slowly and gradually becoming a hit amongst Smartphone users. Apple’s App store has transformed into a huge marketplace for applications ranging from categories like E-books to productivity suites and scintillating games.  With the introduction of Android and its steady growth, Google’s Android platform App Marketplace is also becoming a phenomenon in the Smartphone industry. Last week Android Marketplace announced that they have a total of 10,000 apps in their store varying in categories like photography, location apps and productivity suite.

So let’s recap the Android’s hottest selling Apps in the month of October, this list ranges from Payment apps like PayPal and music Apps like Winamp. So the apps that have been making noise in the Android Market this particular week are as follows:


Industry analysts have quoted at many instances that PayPal’s inclusion as the Smartphone application is somewhat paving the way for mobile money phenomenon. The PayPal app for Android platform has been one of the hottest selling apps for the month of October. The App has been further upgraded with a new makeover.

Yahoo Sports App

The tech giant Yahoo launched its variant for the fantasy league apps of both the NHL and the NBA this month further adding to its already lined up archive of fantasy league apps. Users can manage their fantasy league accounts on the-go; can also receive loads of roster updates, a detailed statistics about the players of the fantasy league and also the message from the members of the virtual fantasy league. Both of these Apps that are the NBA and NHL fantasy league are free of cost.

Harmony Remote

Logitech who launched the Google TV’s set top box Revue also launched a remote app called as Harmony remote. As a partner of Google TV, this Android App acts like a simple way to interact with the Google TV and do loads of tasks including toggling between applications and managing the set of folders. This will be a perfect App for the couch potato like people who just want to have a miniature remote for their TV’s.


The famous multimedia player Winamp also made a comeback on the Mobile platform with their App for Android Platform. It is already a super hit in the Android Market place and the first beta version is running on a 2.1 version or a bit higher of it. The Music from the desktop version of Winamp can be synced with this Android App seamlessly. It also features an amazing Audio playback feature, scrobbing and a widget as well.


This is yet another music application for the Android Platform turning the phone into an amazing music MP3 player; users can sync music either from their 7Digital Account or they can enjoy it on a fixed subscription fee. The music player that is integrated into it has both the playlists and the album art incorporated. The songs can be purchased directly through the server and from the App interface as well.

Itching Thumb

This amazing gesture based app makes use of amazing swipes and gestures. The app add-on lets the user manage various tasks; the most exciting thing about this app is that users can make gestures in the App interface like ‘C’ and the contacts will pop-up. Wow, a thing we haven’t seen in the Apple store yet.


The Application has received the Google treatment and it launches as the stand-alone player like in the Smartphone interface. The new App has an entirely different kind of interface that is really exciting and useful and moreover the users can pull the Homescreens for adding comments.

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