Top 6 Games for the iPhone 4


Top 6 games for the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has brought a lot of great updates and features to Apple’s line of smartphones, along with some innovations like the 960×640 Retina Display, which has the highest pixel density on a smartphone screen (all of those pixels fit inside a 3.5 inch screen). The operating system has also been improved and the biggest change is the addition of multitasking support, which a lot of people liked.

Internally, the device has been brought up to date with a 1 GHz A4 processor and 512 MB of RAM, which also supports hardware HD video decoding and has the best graphics adapter on the market. So, while the iPhone 4 is great for all apps, including those meant for business, it is its entertainment part that takes full advantage of the new additions. Movies look amazing, music can be played in the background and games are simply stunning on this device. You should really try to play some games on this screen, so here are a few ones that have already been updated to higher graphics quality for the new and improved iPhone 4.

Chaos Rings. This is a great looking RPG game from Square Enix, and it works just great on the iPhone 4. It doesn’t have the same amount of missions and freedom of movement, but it still packs more than enough goodies for a portable console. If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series, you should really take a look at this game.

Angry Birds. Angry Birds is probably the most addicting game for the iPhone and Android. And on the new iPhone 4, it looks and works better than ever. Your goal is to use super-powered birds to destroy the fortifications of the pigs (literally) that stole the birds’ eggs and are trying to eat them. It’s a lot of fun and you’re sure to waste hours at an end trying to advance through the levels.

Civilization: Revolution. If you liked the desktop Civilization game, you’ll surely love this one. Now you can have the best of Civilization in your pocket. And using the iPhone 4’s super screen, you can manage more things at once than you ever could on the 3GS.

Fieldrunners. Fieldrunners is one of the most popular games for the iPhone. It is basically a tower defense style game, that puts you in charge of taking care of the enemies by placing gun turrets in their way and not letting them get to your base.

Plants versus Zombies. Another Tower Defense-style game that has been in the top 5 for quite a while and has now been updated for the new iPhone 4 (mainly the graphics and the sound – they’re of higher quality). In this one, you control plants and make them stop the Zombies from reaching and entering your house.

Real Racing HD. Real Racing HD is one of the best looking racing simulators for the iPad, and it can now take full advantage of the processor and screen resolution of the iPhone 4, too. You race over 100 real world sports cars on a lot of nice tracks. The controls are great, though it does take you some time to get used to the accelerometer.

There are many other great games for the iPhone 4, and dozens of new ones will be released or updated in the future. If you want to taste a new gaming experience with the iPhone 4, the above games are certainly a very good place to start.

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