Three Tickets To iPhone App Success


There are several websites that offer mobile app development services. Whether you have a business to advertise or a great idea for the next mobile game hit, one of the three sites below can help you.


Swebapps offers a one platform price of $399 for a basic app and $1799 for a custom app. A hosting fee of $29 a month is required. For a two platform (parallel Apple and Android app) the basic cost is $499 and custom apps are $2399. The parallel app hosting fee is $39 per month. The hosting fee is ten percent cheaper if you pay it annually. The app designer is very simple to use. You can pick a background color or upload your own custom background. You can use their icons or upload custom icons of your own. You will be designing an app with between four and eight buttons against your background. Features, include an audio gallery, streaming audio, contacts, events, forms, list and categories, locations and map, news, photo gallery, podcast, RSS feed, shopping, video gallery and website. If you are a non-profit, Swebapps allows you to build one app for free. You will need to create your own Apple Developer account for $99. It is through this Apple account that you access your app after Swebapps has submitted it to Apple for you.

Corliss Mobile

Corliss Mobile is a do-it-yourself application that offers native apps for $499 or web apps for $399. A $99 per year subscription is required in each case. The app price includes one year of free support so you’ll have no problems finding or updating your app. They also offer a six month weekly updated social marketing service for $999. This service targets Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. The service creates accounts on each site and starts conversations for you that get people talking about your product or service.

App Incubator

App Incubator is not a do-it-yourself application but a full-fledged development company called MEDL who take ideas from creative people like you and go to work building the apps. If you have a good idea for a mobile app, you can submit it by using their App Incubator app or use their website. The submission process includes storyboarding the app idea. This is easy and doesn’t require you to be a great artist. Once you submit an idea, it becomes the property of MEDL for at least the first 90 days. If they decide to build the app, you won’t have to pay a cent for any of the development costs. Once built, MEDL will pay you 25% of what they receive after Apple takes their cut and after the project achieves break-even. If the app never pays for its development costs, you will not receive any compensation. MEDL can also be directly hired to write an app for you. They do not publish rates. You can request a quote on their website. MEDL is mainly for someone wanting to develop unusual apps such as games; however, they can be hired to design complex business apps as well.

Apps WebHosting

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