The Top 5 Advantages Of Using Panel PCs


1.Robust design
These PCs are a subset of industrial PCs and are extremely useful for use in manufacturing environments due to the fact that the display (usually touchscreen LCD) is integrated into the same housing as both the motherboard and other electronics. The PCS are typically built to be hardy and able to withstand all the rigors that might occur in an industrial setting.

For instance, some models can come with a waterproof front panel whereas others, having been designed to be installed in hazardous working conditions, are explosion proof. The electronic components used to build these PCs are often chosen due to their capacity to be able to withstand certain factors such as extremely high or low temperatures.

These PCs are extremely reliable due to their robust designs and ideal for when working in conditions where other PCs would struggle due to factors such as humidity, heat and even dust.

2.Flexible use of touchscreen
A huge advantage of using these PCs is that everything is operable from the touchscreen, so there is no need to mess around with a mouse or keyboard, which are both likely to require regular maintenance when in extreme working conditions.

These touchscreens can often be operated both by hand or pen, which is useful for environments when gloves need to be worn, such as in hospitals, as gloves can affect the responsiveness of a touchscreen.
The touch screen designs of these PCs are extremely reliable and ensures that data entry is very easy, which is obviously incredibly important when entering data in the medical or research professions, as well as in industrial working environments.

3.Low power consumption
All modern Panel PCs are now made with high grade processing units, which are intended to use less power, whilst yielding high performances. Despite using almost half the amount of the power used by traditional CRT monitors, these PCs still start incredibly quickly and easily which is obviously useful for working environments which are time critical.

Due to the low power consumption of these PCs, less heat is created, which means that it is also possible to have fan-less designs, which greatly reduces the amount of noise in the immediate vicinity of the PC, which is particularly useful , for example when being used at a patient’s bedside.

4.Simplified installation & maintenance
Another great advantage of using these PCs is that installation is easier due to the fact that there are no cables going here there and everywhere, as there normally would be using a regular monitor, which would need to be connected via cabling to its PC or power source.

Modern panel PCs now come with a huge range of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, 3G and Ethernet, as well as other serial ports too. They are also now designed to have a removable PC unit that is mounted into the panel itself, which make installing any upgrades or maintenance a lot easier.

These industrial PCs also support all of the commercial Operating Systems that are available by those such as Microsoft, Linux and Android, which means that users have a wide variety to choose from and so are able to pick the OS that best meets their needs.

5.User friendly
It is very important that these PCs are as user friendly as possible, given the kinds of working environments that they are being used in, where any errors might be potentially life threatening or damaging to a production line.

It is therefore incredibly advantageous that panel PCs do not weigh as much as a typical CRT might do, which means there is more flexibility to transport the PC around the working environment without causing any health and safety issues.
The touchscreens on the PCs also have incredibly clear displays and a high resolution, which means that there is less strain on the user’s eyes and so less chance of people suffering from visual RSI (repetitive strain injury).

These PCs are also particularly advantageous when used in medical facilities and are perfect for installing at a patient’s bedside or taking on rounds for diagnosis purposes, as they reduce the possibility of germs and infections being spread, due to the fact they have no fan.

Laura Harrison is a technology blogger who enjoys researching and writing about the latest technology, gadgets and gizmos and their applications at home as well as in the modern workplace.

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