2 Modern Devices For Pest Management


Are you tired of those yucky rodents that are always scurrying around your house? Or maybe you’re already losing patience with the roaches that seem to have launched an offensive on your home? Are you also losing sleep because of those vicious mosquitoes? Well, if you’re having such problems, there are modern solutions. What things are considered as modern? Does it include traps, baits, chemicals or maybe organic sprays? These are certainly the prevailing methods used in pest elimination. But if you’re thinking “modern”, consider the new gadgets that you can use to keep pesky flying pests or any crawling bugs or rodents away.

Ultrasonic Repellers
These kinds of devices are often used to ward off rodents, like rats and mice. You can utilize these if you want to minimize the use of poisonous baits that can put you, your kids, as well as your pets at risk. Generally, ultrasonic pest repellers are used when chemicals or toxic baits cannot be used, such as in factories that manufacture food, medicines or animal feed. But ultrasonic gadgets aren’t just limited to such areas. These can be used in homes, restaurants, department stores or other places infested with rodents. You can readily use these types of tools because these are pretty effective and safe. You won’t suffer from noxious fumes or other toxic substances. Furthermore, one unit can cover an area of about 100 to 140 square meters. You just plug this in a socket, and you won’t have to worry that it’s not working because most models have LED light indicators that allow you to check the status of the device.

How does it work?
The ultrasonic repeller emits high frequency sonic waves that pests find irritating or frightening. So, they avoid areas where they can hear or feel the sonic waves. Apart from rodents, these devices can also be used to keep other insects or pests away, like spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Bug Catcher Bug Stick by Bugzooka
Can’t catch a fly way above you? Is a roach flying aimlessly around your room, making your hackles rise? Is squishing or squashing mosquitoes and other bugs just disgusting to you? If you agree to any of these questions, then you’re most likely to appreciate the Bug Catcher Bug Stick. With this tool, you won’t have to jump around or climb chairs just to catch those pesky bugs that are flying above you or maybe crawling on your ceiling or on top of your closet. If you’re frustrated because you can’t catch a roach that has squeezed itself in a corner, just place the bug catcher near it and let the gadget do all the work for you.

How does it work?
The Bugzooka Bug Catcher Bug Stick is a stick that can suck any and all insects that can fit inside its catch tube. It works like a wand. But instead of spewing out magic, this modern wand draws in annoying critters. The tube can extend to up to 24 inches. So, it will be easier for you to reach spaces that are otherwise inaccessible. Insects caught will be sucked into the catch tube, and you can just dispose of the pests properly.

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Claire Pritchard writes for and other pest control websites. She is a freelance blogger who writes about how to get rid of or control the numbers of common household pests.

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