The Productive Blogger – A Guide To Proper Organization And Success


If you are a blogger like me, then you should make it a point to embrace all of the techniques outlined in this particular guide, so your blog can reach the pinnacle of success in no time. Read on.

Turn Your Daily Activities into a Habit

In today’s world of numerous social media outlets, information sources and electronic devices, multi-tasking is much harder than ever before.

Well, if you want to become more productive, you have to identify which activities are the most profitable ones for your blog first. As a blogger, I have come to find that my most profitable activities are my marketing methods and my follow-up. It will probably be the same for you.

Then, to schedule these profitable activities well, figure out when you are the most creative, most efficient and most relaxed during the day. This will ensure that you get the most profit out of them in the end.

Do Not Get Overwhelmed

A lot of bloggers in today’s day and age tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that they get nowadays. Fortunately, it can be easy to deal with these things if you are prepared for them, embrace them and manage them well.

To do this, you simply have to become selective about what you do, so you can reach your goals and then schedule the perfect time to manage those goals.

Rick Warren wrote that in life we are always solving problems and these problems with make you stronger or defeat you depending on how you deal with them.

As you get more and more information, choose the most important and relevant things to your blog and file the other things for later. Other information, like books, webinars, training and podcasts, can all help you figure out what your current priorities should be.

Then, schedule some time for a developmental session during the week where you can schedule the blogs that you have to focus on first. During this time, you can do some proactive research, as well, and explore other things that you are interested in.

The minute you start scheduling your blogs and following them, you will be able to manage all of the information that you get much better and you will soon realize that you made the right decision to do so in the end.

Remember that Distractions are Your Biggest Enemies

Since blogging entails working from home, your distractions can involve family members, television sets and, of course, your bed. Because of this, you have to make an offer to disconnect yourself from all of these distractions, set up strict boundaries and, in turn, become more productive.

Here’s what I do, for example: instead of replying to every single email and call that I get right away, I only respond to them every Monday and Thursday. Although it is important to reply to emails and calls, there really is no need to do it every single day – remember that.

Besides, doing this has freed up a lot of my time and I can now focus on more creative tasks during my call- and email-free days, like making video trainings, researching, marketing and actually writing my blog posts.

Naturally, since I work online most of the time, electricity plays a huge part in maintaining my productivity, too. Because of this, I have decided to invest in a Yamaha portable generator. This way, I never have to worry about power outages and losing important information while I work anymore.

Make Your Workplace More Effective for You

This is probably the most important step of all in this guide because it focuses on getting into the blogging zone. Although there are some lucky people out there who can work, regardless of what environment they are in, other people – like me – only work best in certain scenarios.

So, find out which environment brings out your absolute best and work on your personal development and creative work in that focused, fresh and distraction-free place. You will enjoy blogging much more that way – trust me.

James Martell Internet entrepreneur who trains other in search engine and social media marketing. His articles usually focus on the best products in the market, include anything from the famous Apple iPad tablet to the Duromax generator. James is a well known industry speaker and most recently spoke at Affiliate Summit talking about Affiliate Marketing for beginners.

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