Turnkey Hospitals are Extending Quality Health Care to the Poorest


The African continent is on the horizon of change, and the catalyst is the improved standards for healthcare in Nigeria. Through intelligent design, engineering and construction, the turnkey healthcare facilities currently being erected in Nigeria will not only impact the lives of the Nigerian peoples, but will spread across the entire continent. This article discusses how turnkey hospitals are possible, how they will improve healthcare in Nigeria, and how these improvements will benefit Africa as a whole.

How Technology is Saving Lives in Africa

Turnkey Hospitals: The Dawn of a New Age

The primary objective of turnkey hospitals is to design, plan, and construct a facility that is immediately suitable for medical usage. By engineering a facility that is strictly intended for healthcare and adhering completely to healthcare building codes, these newly constructed hospitals are ideal for promoting a new standard of healthcare in Nigeria.

Turnkey Hospitals Will Transform Healthcare in Nigeria and Beyond in 3 Phases

By starting in Nigeria and working their way outward, the quality care offered through turnkey hospitals will soon become a standard across the continent. Here’s a closer look at the three phases that will make this possible.

Phase I: Turnkey Hospitals Improve Healthcare in Nigeria

One of the primary advantages of healthcare-specific construction is that it provides a safer, cleaner, more patient-friendly environment. Because turnkey hospitals are built with patients in mind, they are designed to make patients and their loved ones feel welcome and safe, offering a nurturing environment more conducive to recovery. These new, state-of-the-art hospitals provide a fresh, clean slate for healthcare in Nigeria. Hospitals that are compliant with healthcare building codes provide a healthier atmosphere that is easier to maintain and is more pleasant for both patients and medical professionals. Ultimately, these cleaner and safer conditions will promote faster recovery times while simultaneously reducing the chances for infection, and the spread of infectious diseases.

Phase II: Medical Professionals Push for Higher Standards Throughout Africa

As medical professionals experience the higher standard for healthcare in Nigeria, they will come to expect and demand nothing less than the best and Africa will see a positive correlation between the quality of healthcare in Nigeria and the quality across the continent. This is especially important when considering the prevalence of expatriate healthcare employees who are currently working in Nigeria. Upon seeing the positive impact of turnkey hospital solutions in Nigeria, these individuals will feel compelled to push for the same quality of patient care and facility safety back in their home nations. Upon returning to their native countries, these medical professionals will become the impassioned advocates for improved healthcare standards throughout Africa. Simply put, as the standard of healthcare becomes higher in Nigeria, so too does the standard across the continent.

Phase III: Patients from Across the Continent Enjoy an Improved Quality of Life

Because the number of advocates for improved healthcare and the construction of new, compliant, state-of-the-art turnkey hospitals will expand throughout the continent, it can be expected that the lives of patients across Africa will be positively affected. As safer, cleaner facilities continue to be constructed throughout Africa, even the poorest individuals will, at last, be able to enjoy access to a higher quality of life through better patient care and medical treatment.

Thanks to the hard work, passion, and dedication of individuals like Olatunji Kayode Olowolafe, CEO of Deux projects International it’s possible for turnkey hospital solutions to vastly improve healthcare in Nigeria and throughout the African continent. Olatunji Kayode Olowolafe extensive background in healthcare sparked his push toward creating a better healthcare system, allowing even the poorest to enjoy first world hospital facilities. It is because of revolutionary leaders like this that a surge in improved patient care, medical technologies, and state-of-the-art facilities will continue throughout Africa until everyone is able to receive the quality healthcare that they deserve.

Written by: Nnamdi’s day job as a lawyer means that he is involved on a daily basis with international development projects. He is passionate about the improvements to people’s lives that can come through improvements in national infrastructure in Africa, particularly in improving the delivery of health services, Nnamdi closely follows the work of Olatunji Kayode Olowolafe CEO of Deux Project Ltd focusing on the long term gains in economic development that comes with improved healthcare standards and the infrastructure developments needed.

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