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How a Good Website Can Increase Your Sales Figures


Having a good website is essential for any serious business. Whether you are promoting your services or selling online, a strong internet presence will help to ramp up your sales and get yourself known to a massive market. Some companies operate purely online, while others have a small but strong presence that supports their overarching marketing campaigns. No matter how big or small your company, getting your name known online can only be good for sales.

Your website speaks volumes about who you are, but it isn’t just about shouting loudly, it’s about saying the right thing in the right way. If you are a kitsch, quirky company then your website should reflect this in terms of copy, design and photography. Don’t start confusing your brand by being different online – consistency is key when it comes to branding, so keep all your logos and corporate colors the same as your letterheads and marketing materials.

If you are in a more sober line of work, then keep your website professional but never boring. Nobody wants to read reams of endless legal jargon or corporate speak. Short, snappy text with attention-grabbing headlines works every time, no matter what industry you are in.

More for their money

You can add value to your site by making it more user friendly. For example if you are selling mechanical products then why not include a video showing how to fit the parts? Or if you are a cosmetics company, a make-up Masterclass gives your customers a little extra incentive to buy your products. Make it personal too, by adding blogs and reflections from you and your team, perhaps about something topical related to your industry. Keep the content fresh and up to date and your customers will see that you are serious about your online presence.

A social platform for your business

Social media has exploded onto the business scene too and is no longer the exclusive domain of bored teens and time-rich students. Most people visit social media sites at some point, so include links to Facebook and Twitter, so your followers can like and share your pages. From here, you will be opening your business out to a whole new world of customers and you can watch your sales snowball. Add some incentives – such as a freebie or a discount – to those who share and you’ll soon be appearing on countless timelines and statuses.

There are so many websites out there that yours needs to stand out in all the right ways, keeping your customers entertained, absorbed, informed and inspired. By including relevant, professional and snappy information, you will capture their attention and be far more likely to make a sale. Give a good service here and you will have a clutch of very happy new customers.

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