Online Time Recording Software – Types Of Employee Time Tracking Apps To Go For


When you are striving to deliver projects within strict deadlines, online time recording software can be very useful. Whether yours is a startup, small scale business in search of a Cloud storage solution or a large-scale business trying to find a timesheet which can be added to integral systems, you need this type of application to assist you in running your business. When you are trying to track your employee time, the following types of apps can be useful.

Online Time Recording Software – Types Of Employee Time Tracking Apps To Go For

Durational Time Recorder

Employees need to enter the complete duration for their tasks, irrespective of the time when they worked on it. Salaries and bonuses often depend on the entire duration of the work.

Chronological Time Recorder

In this type of app, workers are supposed to type in the actual start time as well as the end time for each project that they work on. This is often found to be used for freelancing projects.

Location-based Time Recorder, such as Time Tracking in Jira

This type of app is able to determine the status of working of employees on the basis of where they are, on in simple words – their location. There is a variation of this app, known as resource-scheduling system, which can schedule resources beforehand. Thus, the schedules of workers can conveniently be transformed into timesheets.

Monitoring Time Recorder

This is another time recorder which is used to record the productive time of employees by tracking when the computer assigned to the employee is lying idle or active. The software also records the screen of computers, which makes them quite scary for employees who are into social media surfing and other internet activities.

Clock-in and Clock-out Time Recorder

With this type of system, workers have to manually type in the time for arrival along with the time for departure to the workplace and from it. This is one of the commonest time recorder apps used in most offices. When it comes to keeping a record of the total time that your employees are in the office, you will find it best to use this type of system.

You can easily find many time tracking software freeware apps online today, which can help you to track employee time quite easily and increase the productivity of your organization. These can help you to save money and time. You should ideally look for a time recorder app which can run quietly in the background while your workers are at their task.

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