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Given the huge success of mobile phones in general it is no great surprise that the different apps manufactured for them should also be one of the big sellers in the UK market. People want to be able to do as much as possible using their mobile phones these days and the demand for ever more applications which allow them to utilise these devices in new and innovative ways is one which appears to be thriving even in the midst of the current worldwide economic obsession. Given the rising popularity of mobile phones and apps for them it is also no surprise that successful companies are producing applications for mobile devices to tie in with their services – such as that produced by

Motors is a website offering one of the biggest databases of new and used cars for sale to be found anywhere on the internet and, in addition to this basic service, the site also offers a wealth of other important information about all of the cars listed on its website – including age and mileage, safety rating and running costs – which better enable those buying used cars in particular to make an informed choice about which vehicle to go for. This has ensured the success of the site since it was launched back in 2007, but the company has also now entered the field of mobile apps.

The motors app, which can be used on iPhones and iPads and is available to purchase from the Apple Apps Store, is designed to allow people to search quickly for new and used cars, from any location, using their phone. The app contains information about more than 160,000 new and used cars for sale in locations across the UK, broken down into details about the make, model, location, distance colour and the minimum and maximum price. It features cars for sale from both major car dealers and smaller ones.

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