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There are numerous times when a health care provider is out of the office and has a need to access a patient’s medical records. For example, sitting at home or on vacation and the office calls with an emergency about one of their patients. Instead of having to count on someone else to look up the records to decide what, if any action to take, the physician can pick up their iPhone or iPad, quickly access the record and make an educated decision.

Greenway Prime Suite has recently released its application that allows health care providers to access records on their iPad, iPhone or their iTouch devices. It can be used to search for patients as well as their appointments and if the records are maintained on a cloud server can be access from any location with an available internet connection.

One of the other advantages of the Greenway application is being able to add charges right on the same device. When a physician is away from the office, or the practitioner gets involved in an activity in which billing will occur, they may not always input the right diagnosis number into the system, losing out on billing charges. The system allows them to look up the diagnosis or procedure and enter the correct information to assure proper billing to the patient.

Consider the doctor out of the office and gets a call concerning a patient in distress. They can access the patient’s records and look up information about allergies, medications history and everything else in their permanent records to enable them to make the right decision.

If the system is not stored on a cloud server, the information will be available on any system connected to the office’s local servers, stored securely in the office. This can benefit the office staff when a patient arrives for an appointment. They don’t need to pull a huge file just to get the information from their last visit and if the doctor needs more information about the patient they can easily pull it up on their system using the Greenway application.

As with all medical information security is important to both the doctor and the patient and Greenway utilizes secure socket layers (SSL) technology to secure all information that passes through the system. Additionally, all transactions taking place through the system will be logged for audit purposes to help protect the physician from claims they failed to access the patient records before making a medical decision.

In order to access a patient’s records, the provider can enter a name, gender or date of birth or by establishing search criteria; they can use any combination of search filters to ensure they recover the right information for the right patient. The Greenway system is available as PrimeMobile used on the handheld devices and can be interfaced with many systems currently in use. The ability to access patient records through mobile devices can give the physician a much faster method of offering treatment options to the patient much faster than searching through paper records.

Author: Jason Phillips is a physician who understands the importance of emr software. He is of opinion that this software is the perfect billing solution. Moreover, it is user friendly and easily configurable.

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