The Bedroom Of the Future


If you’re like me you probably have a great mattress (I’m older and an excellent mattress is very important) a decent sized flat-screen led TV and not much more in your bedroom that would make you want to spend a whole lot of time there unless you’re really, really lazy. The new technology that is being developed for bedrooms, however, may make it even harder to leave yours in the morning (or any other time).

For example, what would you think of windows in your bedroom that have ‘smart glass’ and are able to dim, lighten and even create heat (or keep it out) all with the touch of a button of even the spoken word. It’s coming and, in fact, there are already examples of this type of glass that are being shown in model homes and showrooms around the world.

Beds that lift you up and out of bed in the morning aren’t exactly new but a bed that can sense when you are too warm or too cold and then heat you or cool you are coming, as well as true movement dampening beds that make it much less noticeable when your mate moves around at night. There’s even technology that is being incorporated into bedside monitors that can tell if a person is snoring and help them to stop. (That’s the kind of tech everybody needs, am I right?!)

The same tech that can tell if someone is snoring will also be able to give health monitored updates every morning too. Imagine being told what your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure were when you got up in the morning?! That would be some useful information to be sure.

If that stuff sounds boring how about this; a £30,000.00 bed that blends the old canopy bed concept with 21st century technology to give you a bed / private movie theatre all in one. Throw in retractable blinds for privacy, a built-in PC that uses voice commands, a sound system to die for and some cool lights that dim on your command and you may never leave your room again! I can imagine a few kids out there sat on their Stompa Uno 1a Cabin Bed thinking – I want a movie theatre in my room Dad!

One more just for fun; there are sensors being developed that will basically sense every single thing about a bedroom and it’s occupants and then, based on their preferences, give them the best light, sound, temp and even their fave TV channel all at the touch of a button or a simple voice command. All coming to a bedroom near you sometime soon.
Makes you want to go and crawl back into bed, doesn’t it?

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