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Heat pump technology has been used in Sweden for over 30 years and in the last few has started catching on in the US and other countries. The reason; heat pumps use the air around us, a free and unlimited power source supplied by Mother Nature herself, to heat and even cool a home.

The simple fact is that air, even at sub-zero temperatures, still contains ambient heat energy. If this heat is concentrated, which is what a heat pump does essentially, it can be used to heat up a home including radiators that may be water-based and also heating elements that may be under a floor. It can also be used to heat water for the bath. This same pump, and the same type of process, can also be used to cool your home in the summertime.

The air, in fact, is a totally free and renewable energy source that can be harnessed using a heat pump from companies like, saving you money all year long on heating and cooling bills alike. A heat pump can reduce the cost to heat and / or cool your home substantially, and the Air / Water type can reduce your bills by up to 65% depending on where you live and the size of your home.

The initial investment that a person needs to make to get an air / water heat pump installed is also much more economical than many other types of devices. Unlike the type of heat pump that needs a ground source and geothermal drilling an air / water heat pump is placed above ground. Depending on the model you get and the efficiency rating of said model your initial investment can be paid off quickly and you’ll definitely start seeing a reduction in your home heating bill almost immediately.

The fact that an air / water heat pump is also good for the environment is another plus. Compared to the usual polluting CO2 emissions that a fossil-fuel using heat system puts out, a typical heat pump is over 80% less because the energy that it uses comes from the naturally occurring air outside the home.

One last factor to consider is the renewable heat incentive now in the UK. If you install a heat pump you can earn money enough to pay off your investment and a return of 12% per year that will be tax free. That’s plenty of incentive to consider installing a heat pump for your home, wouldn’t you agree?

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