Why Businesses Should Still Do A Mail Newsletter


It is the electronic age, a time of dominance of the World Wide Web, so why should you a business still use a mail newsletter? Even in a world of e-mail, Twitter and Facebook, it is still important to have a physical reminder to clients of your company’s upcoming events and specials and the latest updates.

Really? Snail Mail?

You can probably read countless blogs telling you that if you have a newsletter, you should send it out by e-mail, but these newsletters can be very easy to disregard, and filters can easily send your e-mailed newsletter–even one that customers have signed up for–to the junk box.

As a business owner, you want to attract as many different types of targeted customers as possible. That physical newsletter or mailer that goes straight to the individual’s mailbox, gets in that person’s hands and at least, will likely be opened and hopefully read as well. This is probably one of the best reasons for why you should still do a mail newsletter. If it has value, people still like seeing and reading printed publications.

Target New Homeowners

When people move to a new area, they typically are not familiar with local businesses, may have need of various items they couldn’t bring with them in the move, and may not have access to the internet for several weeks. That makes for the perfect person to receive a mailed newsletter. The same is true for a new business.

These people will be looking for local businesses to patronize and frequent, so you need to make first contact in a way you can be certain would reach them. After all, knowing which homes in your area have new residents is often easier than finding out who those residents are and learning their e-mail addresses. Make it easy for them and send them your information so they can use you!

Broad Demographics

Though it may seem like everyone is on the Internet these days that is not always the case. Getting access to the Internet can be expensive for some, staring at a screen for long periods of time can cause eye strain, and memories–especially on the Internet–can be short.

A mailed newsletter provides not only an offline way of getting your business noticed, but the ink and paper are likely easy to read and provide a physical reminder, rather than a mere subject line that gets pushed to the back of the e-mail inbox.

Bargains for Them, Low Cost for You

Customers can be enticed into a business with great deals, special discounts and coupons. While online, print-it-yourself coupons are becoming more common, it is still usually easier to provide your customers with coupons they only need to present, or at most cut out and present. You can easily print coupons as part of your newsletter, which will help entice customers to your business.

Even if you choose to mail and e-mail newsletters to current and potential customers, you can keep your costs relatively low. By designing a professional-looking mailed newsletter, you can also create a strong template for any e-mailed newsletters.

Though you may add hyperlinks a QR code back to your website or other internet-specific features to the newsletter when you e-mail it, the basic format could be almost identical to your the newsletter you will traditionally mail and would require little additional time from you or your designer to create both.

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